660 News | Local Imam Spreads Message of Unity


Local Imam spreads message of unity

660 News | December 6, 2015


Posted Dec 6, 2015 4:45 pm MST

Living Spirit United Church

A Calgary Imam is touring the city this month, reaching out to people of different faiths, and speaking about Islam.

Syed Sohowardy spent his Sunday morning at the Living Spirit Church, giving a presentation aimed at defeating terrorism.

Radicalization, ISIS, womens’ rights and domestic violence were among the topics Sohowardy discussed.

He told 660 NEWS, the most important factor in combatting terrorism is for people to come together.

“In order to eliminate terrorism, people of faith have to come together. Christians, Jews, Muslims especially need to come together and fight this terrorism through our unity,” Sohowardy said. “And unity will send a very strong message to these terrorists, and they can be defeated very easily.”

He added, an example of different faiths coming together for the greater good of others has already happened in Calgary.

“I just heard a pastor here in this church. They are planning to buy a house, and they will call the thouse Interfaith House or Hope House, where they are going to put maybe one or two families,” Sohowardy said. “And they are buying it as an interfaith project.”

Sohowardy also said he is trying to change the perspective of people who think Islam is a religion based on violence and hate, especially with the most recent hate messages that showed up at the Tuscany LRT station earlier this week.

According to him, in times like these, Calgary shows its true colours.

“After this grief, when people show their solidarity and unity against hate and violence – regardless of its shape or forms – that speaks big, big about Calgary. That we are people of peace, people of love and people of respect.”


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