660 News | Two prominent Canadians blast Stephen Harper for Islamaphobic policies


Two prominent Canadians blast Stephen Harper for Islamaphobic policies

660 News | August 10, 2015


Posted Aug 10, 2015 12:03 pm MDT

Last Updated Aug 10, 2015 at 3:16 pm MDT

They said they’ve had enough of Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s Islamaphobic and xenophobic policies and are calling on others to join them in doing their research this federal election.

Two Canadians said they’re disappointed in Harper and his platform.

Chris Boudreau’s 22-year-old son Damian Clairmont was killed while fighting overseas with extremists.

She’s referring to the Conservative plan as “window dressing” and feels Harper is looking for a quick fix to deal with terrorist instead of dealing with the root cause of radicalized youth.

Harper promised to make it a crime for Canadians to travel to specific countries or regions where they could fight alongside groups officially identified by the federal government as terrorist organizations.

But Boudreau said anyone can get to one of those countries by simply flying to Europe.

“I still think it’s desperation for a political platform to demonstrate that he’s taking a harsh stance, but he’s taking a harsh stance on symptoms rather than dealing with the root problem, cause it looks like an easy fix on the surface and the root problem takes a lot more work and effort.”

She added, neither Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau nor Tom Mulcair from the NDP have raised the radicalization of Islamic youth, expect to respond to Harper.

Founder of ‘Muslims Against Terrorist”, Calgary-based Imam Syed Soharwardy said the only thing the Conservative leader is successfully doing is isolating his party from the Muslim vote.

“Harper is not on the right footing regarding the issue of terrorism and violence and extremism, radicalization in Canada, and he is just trying to make some brownie points with some of the voters who like the divisive policies and who don’t like Muslims anyways. He is supposed to be uniting people rather than dividing people and Stephen Harper is dividing Canadians.”

Soharwardy said it’s not a surprise, but thought during election-time Harper would take more of an inclusive policy.

“People should look into the situation and see what’s best for the country and what’s best for the country is uniting people,” he explained.

Among some of the worst parts of his platform, Soharwardy said is Bill C-51, which he believes is extremely anti-Islam.

“It is taking Canada backward and look what he is proposing, he is going to ban travel to those areas that he thinks is controlled by terrorists, how can he implement that?”

The Imam said it’s just a redundant policy that he won’t be able to enforce.

Another issue he has with Stephen Harper is his insistence on referring to terrorists as either Muslim or “jihadist”, Soharwardy says “jihad” means struggle against evil.

“Trying to help the government, our Prime Minister faces struggles every day, that is jihad, call them terrorists, they represent terrorism and they are bad people,” Soharwardy said.

“Canada has not been doing enough; Canada should go to the root cause of the radicalization instead of going after a person after they have become radicalized.”

“We should be focusing on the security and safety of Canada in practical and tangible terms,” he said. “We should not compromise on terrorism; we’re all united on that issue, but look at the party that will unite Canadians.”

“I’m not favouring any political party but parties should be inclusive of all Canadians and Harper’s policies are isolating Muslims.”


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