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Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT) & Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC)

Cordially invite government officials, media organizations and general public to attend


Ask Any Questions About Islam Seminars

The recent criticism on Islam by some Muslim and non-Muslim authors / media experts reiterates the importance of educating these so-called experts on Islam. The television and radio interviews and newspaper stories clearly reflect the level of knowledge of such experts and authors. After the 9/11 tragedy, several ill-informed opportunists, all of a sudden, became experts on the Middle East and Islam. In the western media, the demand rose for such authors and experts who could badmouth about Islam and Muslims. Therefore, more ill-informed people joined the “profession of badmouthing Islam” and started writing books and giving interviews. Currently, the “profession of badmouthing Islam” is so popular that many people want to join this profession. As usual, Canadian and American media provides more than needed coverage to the Islam-bashing books and their authors.

Recently, a Canadian claiming to be a Muslim joined the very demanded profession of “badmouthing Islam”. The author found contradictions in the holy Qur’an and wrote a book about it. The author followed the footsteps of Jerry Fallwel and tried to create similarities between Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and the terrorists. The strange thing is that the person still claims to be a Muslim.

We are very thankful to the scholars of Islam that they remain very calm and did not issue a fatwa against this author, although, the author is looking for it desperately. Such fatwas do not serve Muslims or Islam but it serves the ill-informed experts and authors by making them more popular. Thanks God Muslims have learnt some lessons; however, this does not mean that the Muslims should not be responding to such challenges.

The mentioned book clearly reflects the intelligence level of the author. The author has used “A” and “S” words frequently in the book expressing the complete bankruptcy of intellectualism in the author.

In a recent televised debate this author raised several questions such as why Qur’an can not be questioned? Why Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) can not be challenged? Why Islam can not be questioned? According to this author whenever the author tried to ask these questions, the author was told not to ask these blasphemous questions. During the childhood, the author attended the Islamic school in Canada and asked such questions but the teacher was not able to answer any questions. Instead, the author (during teen years) was asked to keep quiet.

We don’t know how much truth is in author’s story but these questions are legitimate and must be answered. As a matter of fact, throughout history Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the holy Qur’an and Islam have been questioned and challenged by the Muslims and non-Muslims. Islam does not want to be followed blindly. Islam requires from its followers to ask questions if they do not know. In fact, Islam is the only Faith, Qur’an is the only divine book and Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the only leader that can respond to any questions at any time with rational, logical, peaceful and perfectly normal correct answers.

The mentioned author and the other western experts are exploring ways to reform Islam. Some Muslims are also jumping on the bandwagon. However, these experts don’t know that the way Allah (God) has defined and designed the Islamic way of life and Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him) implemented it, Islam has a built-in reforming process within itself, in order to meet any challenges of science and modernization. Like other religions, Islam does not take directions from the society. Instead, Islam takes the directions from the CREATOR of the society. These directions are completely natural and perfectly normal, and provide the answers to all the “new and old” questions raised by the society.

Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT), with the cooperation from the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC), is undertaking a project called ” Exposing Islam”. In this project, seminars are being held in several cities of Canada. These seminars provide opportunities to Muslims, non-Muslims, journalists, writers, experts, editors, government officials and general public to ask any questions about Islam. All seminars are FREE . Any organization or community group interested in having ” Exposing Islam” seminar at their location / city can contact MAT. MAT will bear the travel expenses of Prof. Syed Soharwardy to attend and address the seminar at that location. A brief bio of Syed Soharwardy is available at

MAT urges Canadians, Muslims and non-Muslims, to take full advantage of these seminars and ask any questions they may have about Islam, Qur’an and the holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). MAT urges the Canadian author of a recent book against Islam to attend this seminar and get the answers to all the questions that the author may have.

We believe that the baseless and unfounded accusation against the Islamic faith must be stopped and the media should not encourage those who spread rumors and create misunderstandings.

Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT) &

Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC)

Cordially invite government officials, media organizations and general public to attend


Ask Any Questions About Islam Seminars


Do you have questions about Islam? and want to find the answers, please register in FREE seminars near your location. OR you can arrange these seminars in your organization or church. You will have complete freedom to ask any hard questions you may have. Prof. Syed B. Soharwardy will discuss the following topics and answer your questions.

  • Introduction to Islam, Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)
  • What is Shari’a? What are the requirements to implement Shari’a?
  • How Qur’an was preserved? – the process and the outcome
  • What is Jihad? Requirements and conditions? Jihad is a blessing OR violence? Martyrdom in Islam?
  • Rights of women in Islam
  • Social norms of Islam – dress, head scarves, gatherings, food, divorce, marriages, relationships, etc.…
  • Rights of children in Islam
  • Rights of non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries
  • Islamic teachings about Christians and Jews – commonalties and differences
  • Family life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) – his marriages and testimonies
  • Monogamy vs. polygamy
  • Islamic teachings about terrorism, extremism, fundamentalism, violence, honour killings, forced marriages, rumors of 70 virgins, etc.…
  • Current state of Muslim countries – political, economical, social, judicial and spiritual aspects
  • Information or misinformation – role of western media in widening the gaps
  • Rising hate crimes and discrimination against Muslims in North America
  • Future of Islam and Muslims – with special reference to North America, Europe and Australia
  • Questions and Answers

To register in the following FREE seminars please call TOLL FREE 1-866-208-6898 OR send email to Please provide your name, phone number OR email address and the city where you would like to attend.

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