Capture of Saddam Hussein


Date: December 14, 2003

Press Release

Capture of Saddam Hussein

The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada and Muslims Against Terrorism welcome the capturing of Saddam Hussein. The arrest of Saddam Hussein should bring some closure to his victims. In the holy Qur’an Allah has repeatedly asked human beings to be humble, kind and peaceful. Allah does not like vanity, arrogance and revenge. Saddam Hussein did have all these diseases.

ISCC draws the attention of all Muslim and non-Muslim rulers to be humble, peaceful and honest. These rulers must remember that soon or later justice will prevail and Allah will bring them to justice.  Most of the current Muslim rulers are following the path of dictatorship, arrogance and vanity. This path is dangerous and must not be followed.

ISCC urges the heads of Muslim countries to allow democracy and freedom in Muslim countries. Democracy and freedom will bring the economic and political prosperity to Muslim countries. If the current dictators of Muslim countries do not remove themselves and allow democracy in Muslim countries their fate won’t be different from Shah of Iran and Saddam Hussein.

May Allah bring peace and prosperity to the world. Amen.

Best Regards


Syed Soharwardy


Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC)

Muslims Against Terrorism  (M.A.T.)

Cell (403)-605-7710



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