Dubai Port Authority Surrenders and Withdraws


Date:  March 9, 2006

Press Release


Dubai Port Authority Surrenders and Withdraws

The Real Faces of US Lawmakers Exposed

When Arab and Muslim Governments will Wakeup?

(Calgary) The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, president, Syed Soharwardy has expressed his deep concerns over the news that the Dubai Port Authority (DP World) has decided to bow down to the ferocious opposition in US Congress regarding its quest to take over operations at several U.S. ports.  This is a very sad day for North America. This is a tragedy and very blunt racism against Arabs and Muslims. However, this tragedy has helped in exposing the real faces of the US Congress and the Senate.

Now United States lawmakers must not claim that there is no racism, segregation, discrimination and prejudices in American society.  The racism, hate and segregation are deep rooted in the hearts of the lawmakers of the United States. The lawmakers and the fanatics in American society have discriminated DP Word just because it is an Arab company.

Syed Soharwardy has asked the Arab and Muslim governments to realize that they have no respect and dignity in the eyes of American lawmakers.  For American government and the lawmakers, Arab and the Muslim governments are like a napkin. When a napkin is needed, it touches the face, the eyes and the lips and after it is used, it goes into trash.

The American lawmakers have trashed the Arab and Muslim business today. This incident should be enough for wise Muslim and Arab governments to become truly independent, if there is any wise government in Muslim countries. This is a warning for the business and the companies owned by Muslims and Arabs that they can be trashed at any time in the USA.

When Arab and Muslim governments and business will wake up?



Syed B. Soharwardy

President, ISCC

Founder, MAT    Toll Free: (866)-208-6898


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