Imam Believes Anti-Islam Movement is Rising in Calgary


Imam believes Anti-Islam movement is rising in Calgary

660 News | March 03, 2015


Posted Mar 3, 2015 7:14 pm MDT

Canada’s spy agency says it is concerned about the threat of a budding anti-Islam movement.

The founder of Muslims Against Terrorism is confident that the anti-Islam movement in Calgary is on the rise.

Imam Syed Soharwardy claims he was even hit by one woman in her car, who then began to shout ethnic slurs.

He said what is needed here is a definitive and long overdue statement from Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“All people of this country or citizens of this country have equal rights and they have equal responsibility,” Soharwardy said. “There should not be any hate.”

Soharwardy says anyone who would choose hate should be monitored or controlled by the government.

He added that he is grateful to C-SIS for its efforts, and hopeful the RCMP will follow suite.


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