Interfaith prayer service shows solidarity with Muslim community: Imam


A Calgary interfaith prayer service for the victims of the Quebec City mosque shooting brought people from many different backgrounds together to support the Muslim community. It was held Friday at the Genesis Centre in northeast Calgary.

“This is not only a prayer service, but also an expression of solidarity and unity of all Canadians, of all faiths together,” said Imam Syed Soharwardy, founder of Muslims Against Terrorism. “We stand against violence, and terrorism, and hate.”

Among the presenters at the event were members of Calgary’s Christian churches, Muslim imams, and a Jewish rabbi.

“That shows although it is our Sabbath, and we have invited other faiths and religious leaders, that shows having different religion does not divide us,” said Soharwardy. “It is all together.”

Soharwardy said he’s overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for the Muslim community across Canada this week.

“It’s amazing, there have been vigils every night, every day. I think this tragedy, although it is very bad, it has brought some understanding of Canadian values to those people who are new immigrants and don’t understand those values,” said Soharwardy. “People are Christian, people are Jewish, people are agnostic or atheist. But when it comes to fighting racism and discrimination and violence against Muslims, they support Muslims.”

“They say, ‘we’re all Muslim today,’” said Soharwardy. “That’s an amazing feeling. I don’t think any place on the planet will have this kind of relationship.”


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