ISCC & MAT Strongly Condemn Terrorism Against Christians in Kenya, Memorial Service on Good Friday


Date: April 02, 2015
For Immediate Release

ISCC & MAT Strongly Condemn Terrorism Against Christians in Kenya
Tomorrow a memorial service for the victims will be held

(Calgary) The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada and the Muslims Against Terrorism strongly condemn the barbaric attacks on the students at a university in northern Kenya today. According to the media reports Al Shabab terrorist group from Somalia carried out these crimes against humanity. More than 147 people were killed and dozens were wounded. This terrorist group separated Christian and newly converted Muslim students and killed them.

Once again these terrorist attacks prove that the terrorism has become uncontrolled problem. The policies and the approach towards the elimination of terrorism are not effective and failing. Unless all the governments recognize the source of extremism and violence the terrorists will continue destroying the world peace. Those who are committing terrorism in the name of Islam OR having Muslim names are not Muslims regardless of their looks or claim. The entire worldwide Muslim communities condemn them and do not consider them Muslims. The source of extremism and terrorism is an ideology that unites “Muslim-looking” terrorist groups and that ideology is NOT Islam. It is the sectarian beliefs of a specific sect called Wahabism.

The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada and the Muslims Against Terrorism express deep sympathies with the victims and their families. We stand together with our Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters in Kenya. We must not let these terrorist win by dividing ourselves as Christians vs Muslims but we must defeat these hatemongers by uniting Christians and Muslims against terrorism.

Every Friday is a holyday in Islam but Good Friday is a very important day in Christian Faith as well. On this holyday of Christian and Islamic Faiths Imam Syed Soharwardy will be speaking about Kenya attacks during his Friday sermon at the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness, 7555 Falconridge Blvd, NE Calgary at 12:30 PM. A minute of silence will be observed for the victims of Christian faith.

For any questions please contact Imam Syed Soharwardy at 416-994-5467 OR 403-831-6330.


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