Jamia Masjid Aulia Allah – Surrey, BC


Assalamo Alaikum,

By the Grace of Allah and by the Blessings of Rasool-ullah (Peace be upon him) yesterday, the City Council of Surrey, B.C., unanimously approved the zoning application of Jamia Masjid Aulia Allah (The Friends of Allah Mosque). I am very grateful to the Madam Mayor and all the City Councillors for their trust and confidence in the Muslim Community of Surrey. I am extremely grateful to all the staff at the city hall for their excellent services. The City Hall was packed and showed a complete unity of the Muslim community of Surrey.. Thank you and JazakAllah.
I am grateful to our architect, engineers and other professionals for their excellent work and guidance. They all did a fantastic job.
My deepest thanks to Haroon Raza sahib and his family for their complete support and dedication to this project. Haroon sahib led this work and with extreme professionalism and hard work he got it done. May Allah reward Haroon sahib and his family. Our president, Muhammad Arjumand sahib has been the solid rock and a good leader who worked with Haroon sahib and others to get it done. May Allah bless Arjumand sahib and his family for their commitment and dedication for this project. Abdul Qayyum sahib’s tireless work not only brought several community leaders into the city hall for short presentations but he also made sure that community members do come. Allah reward you Abdul Qayyum sahib and a big thank you.
Dr. Niaz sahib took the most tiring work on his shoulder and with the help from Osman sahib and Shuja and other members he made sure that every community member must be served with proper Iftari. Dr. Sahib, May Allah give you the best JAZA. Tariq Bhurgri sahib worked in the background and got hundreds of signatures for the petition. This was very important. He secretly went by himself and cut the grass at masjid property. May Allah bless you.
Janab Abdul Rauf Khan, Haider Ali Khan sahib Rashid sahib, Ghulam Mohiyyudin sahib, Imran Tipu sahib, Rahan sahib, Basit sahib, Talib Hussain sahib, Usman Tahir, Masood sahib and several other volunteers worked very hard to make our presence in the city hall noticeable and important. May Allah bless all of you for serving the House of Allah.
The opposition to our project was fierce and very strong. But truth succeeded. I pray for them and wish them health and happiness. We are looking forward to work with the local community and our neighbouring Church.
No doubt it was all team work. This is just the beginning of our project. The real work has not even started yet. Please stay UNITED for the sake of Allah. Insha Allah more success is waiting for all of us. I am so thankful to all the speakers especially our youth, Haroon (PCA) sahib, Sikandar sahib, Bilal Sahib, Chattha sahib, Cheema sahib, Naveed Waraich, Malik Afzal and many others, Thank you for making it a successful meeting. JazakAllah. This was indeed a gift by the City Council to the Muslim Community of Surrey, B.C., during the holy month of Ramadan and Canada Day.
Syed Soharwardy
Founder and Chairman
Islamic Association of Western Canada


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