Nine Point Guarantee – The Elimination of Terrorism


Nine Points Guarantee – The Elimination of Terrorism

(Imam) Syed Soharwardy ,
Date: November 21, 2015

I am ready to accept any punishment even death if my following nine point agenda will not significantly reduce or eliminate the threat of terrorism created in the name of Islam.  These nine points are practical real and achievable. This just need the will of all governments especially NATO governments to sincerely and honestly implement these points.

  1. It should be illegal to recruit, fund, train, weaponize and support civilians to fight against governments.No government should directly or indirectly get involve in toppling governments of other countries by using local or foreign civilians.
  2. All Muslim countries especially Saudi Arabia must ban all Imams, religious leaders and their literature condemning fellow Muslims due to sectarian differences among Muslims. Saudi Arabia must stop supporting and exporting Wahabism/Salafism in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world. Wahabism / Salafism is the root cause of sectarianism among Muslims. Muslims of all sects must be allowed to practice their beliefs and traditions openly in all Muslim countries especially in Saudi Arabia and Iran.
  3. All Muslim countries must declare calling a fellow Muslim of other sects Kafir, Mushrik or Bidatee (non-Muslim / sinful) a punishable crime. Inciting hatred towards Christians, Jews and people of other religions should be a punishable crime as well.Disagreements among religions and sects should create the opportunities for dialogue instead of hate and violence.
  4. Joining supporting funding or sympathizing any terrorist organization must be illegal in all countries.
  5. All Western countries especially the United States must stop immediately interfering in the affairs of Muslim countries.Any support /AID to poor countries must not be linked with the demands and dictations on how to run the country except to assure that the AID is not misused.
  6. All Western governments especially the United States government must stop immediately their one sided unjust policies in the Middle East and elsewhere. An independent secure and Safe Palestine must be established immediately based upon the borders of Israel before 1967. Both Israel and Palestine must be treated equally and justly. The peaceful freedom movements must be supported in all parts of the world such as Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Russian Federation, etc.
  7. Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-Christian propaganda must be declared illegal. Western media must stop immediately linking terrorism with Islam and Muslims.There is no such thing as “Islamic Terrorism” OR “Muslim Terrorist” OR “Islamist” OR “Jihadist”.Identify terrorists with their “Fanatic sectarian beliefs” OR organization OR country.Do not link the entire faith of Islam OR Jihad with terrorism. In western countries the fanatic Christian and Jewish TV evangelists openly spread hate in the public media against Islam and Muslims.They must be stopped immediately.
  8. Respect the human rights of all citizens equally and fairly. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of lifestyle must be available to all citizens equally. However, the use of freedom of speech to incite hatred towards any segment of the society must be a punishable crime. Muslims must not be held responsible for the crimes of ISIS, Taliban, AlQaeda or any Muslim individual suffering from mental illness, just like Christians are not held responsible for the crimes of KKK, Arian Nation, Nazis or mentally-ill Christian individual.
  9. The rights of all minorities in all countries must be respected and protected.Muslim governments must protect Christian and other minorities in Muslim countries. Western countries must stop threatening their Muslim citizens to be punished for the crimes of terrorists who call themselves Muslims. The racism and violence against Muslim minority in Burma, India, Europe, North America, Australia, etc. and against Christian minority in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, etc. must be stopped.

NOTE FOR MUSLIMS: It is the requirement of Islam for every Muslim to be loyal, faithful and law-abiding citizen of the country he/she lives in.  In Islam there is no superiority based upon gender, colour, language, ethnicity, etc. Better among us is the one who is more righteous among us.  In Islam it is the right of every human, Muslim or non-Muslim, to get justice and help when in need. In Islam, it is the right of every human, Muslim OR non-Muslim that his/her life and property must be respected and protected.  The core principle of Islam is the “Sanctity of life”.  The foundation of Islam is “love and sacrifice”. The goal of life is to obey Allah and His Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him). The purpose of life is to serve Allah’s creation. In Islam the rights of people are as important, in some cases more important, as the rights of Allah (God).  Hate, misogyny, violence, drugs, revenge, arrogance, ignorance and discrimination are un-Islamic acts.  A believer’s heart cannot have both; the love for Allah and hate for His creation.  A soft and tender heart is the identity of a Muslim.  May the peace and the blessings of Allah on the entire creation of Allah (God). Amen.
Live and let the others live.  Do not abandon your beliefs and do not attack others’ beliefs.


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