Parents Know the Needs of Their Children Better Than the Premier of Ontario‏


Date: February 24, 2015

For Immediate Release

STOP Child Abuse in Ontario

Parents Know the Needs of Their Children Better Than the Premier of Ontario

(Mississauga) The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC) strongly protests and disagrees with the Liberal government of Ontario’s decision to teach sexual curriculum to as young as grade 1 children. This is a very unhealthy and abnormal curriculum which will cause more harm to children and their families than the benefits.

“We hope Premier Kathleen Wynne do not want to be remembered by the future Canadians a very irresponsible ill-informed Premier of Ontario”, Imam Syed Soharwardy said today. We are not against sex education. We just do not believe that the children as young as grade 1 or 2 are mature enough to learn sex. If the current government of Ontario succeeds in implementing this very destructive sexual curriculum it will put Ontario or may be Canada on a slippery slope. God forbid, someone in future may legalize sexual relationships, alcohol consumption and pornographic literature for children and justify the actions just like Kathleen Wynne’s government has justified its sex education for children. There is a huge chance that such curriculum may increase sexual abuse of children instead of reducing it.

ISCC requests Premier Kathleen Wynne to reconsider her decision and stop forcing children to learn something for which they are not ready. This should be considered a child abuse. Please leave our children alone and let the parents decide what is good for their children. Premier Kathleen Wynne should spend time on creating jobs and providing basic necessities of life to Ontario children instead of wasting time and resources. Why Premier Wynne is not focusing on elimination of poverty, homelessness and domestic violence in Ontario? Why sex education for 5 years old child is important for Premier instead of making sure that the child is properly fed and have a healthy home? It is obvious that the Premier of Ontario is giving her personal ambitions a priority over the interest of Ontarians. This is not acceptable to Ontarians.

For any questions please contact Imam Syed Soharwardy at 416-994-5467.



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