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QuestionDear Mr Soharwardy,

I listened to you in Mississauga last week. Thanks for coming down.

As confirmed by observation that we as a nation (Muslims) are not far from touching the bottom in every field of life. The question arises, where to start fixing the problem?

For example, in our mosque, at the Iftar time we seem to forget all the manners and antiquates of mosque, of Ramadan, of humanity. Jumping over each others head, we run towards the food without caring about anything in the way, eyes and mind fixated at the food. (I am talking about those who are well fed, and probably need to lose some weight.)  From a distance we look like a herd.


You have mentioned, we should try to stop each other from wrong. But my question to you is who you should teach the, kid or the parent. Irony in this situation is that our next generation is not coming out any better due to examples set at homes. Kids growing up in Canadian society, who have realised these facts, don’t like to come to the mosque. They quietly disengage and if you insist they clearly express their dislikes for the environment in our institutions.

(1) How will you address this?

(2) Do you think Islamic scholars should change their approach and discuss the basics of Islam in their speeches e.g. how to walk, talk, and behave with fellow humans (not only with fellow Muslims), etc in everyday life?

(I feel the answer to Q-2 is ‘Yes’., because from the life history of Prophet (peace be upon him) we learned that, people won’t believe even the best message if you don’t have the character to support it.)





Assalamo Alaikum,

Yes, you are correct. Both parents and children need to be educated. Muslims are supposed to be the best in manners and antiquates. But, unfortunately, we are not.

However, instead of becoming hopeless and passive, it is important to remain engaged with the community and try to educate.  As I said in my speech hopelessness is wrong.  We should do whatever we can in order to bring a positive change in our community.

Yes, every scholar must speak against the ill-mannered behaviour and help people to grow in a healthy and very spiritual environment.


You are correct that Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) proved through his character that he is the best human being, then he ask people to follow him. Even his worse enemies could not raise any finger on his character.  Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said that a believer is the one who is best in manners. “HAYA” is “EEMAN” and HAYA includes good manners and antiquates.


May Allah bless you and your family.  Thanks




  1. Which moral issue of concern do you want politicians to address this election?Pick one.
  2. To what degree if any, should religious beliefs mix with politics?
  3. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has recently made efforts to remove the right of physicians to follow their conscience when dealing with situations such as a client requesting an abortion. Should doctors have the right to conscientious objection?
  4. To what degree do followers of Islam devote their lives to Allah or religion? How much of their lives do they live for their own pursuits compared to pleasing Allah?


Please answer the above four questions





  1. There are several issues that we must raise and discuss with our politicians.Since I have to pick one only, I will pick the issue of our school education curriculum.  There are efforts by certain groups in Canada to force our children to learn and study certain atheistic beliefs and practices.  Why these atheistic beliefs and practices have been forced upon our children. We the people of faith (Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc…) do not want our children to learn some thing that we consider is wrong. Why we do not have the freedom to choose how should we raise our own children? Where is our religious freedom?
  2. Canada is a secular country. Religion and State are two separate entities. However, politicians and the people are human. Our beliefs influence our behaviour and actions.Therefore, I believe that it is very hypocritical to do some thing that goes against your beliefs.  What politicians should not do is to impose one belief system over the other. Canada is a multifaith and multicultural society.  Therefore, Canadians should be given the freedom to practice their religions without causing any harm to any other person.
  3. Where is the religious freedom of individual physicians and surgeons? Why they have to do some thing that goes against their conscience?Yes, a physician or a surgeon has an obligation to provide services to people without any prejudice. However, if an individual asks a service, like abortion, which goes against the conscience of a doctor then the doctor should have the right to say no and refer this individual to those doctors who provide that service.
  4. Islam is a way of life. Every moment of a Muslim must be according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).Whether we are at work or studying in school or sitting with family at home or watching TV or playing in the playground, etc… We do all these activities according to the guidance of Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him). All personal pursuits and desires, as long as they are legal and good, are for the pleasure of Allah.




At one of our family meetings as of late, a question was raised.  Apparently the local government wants to implement a policy whereby two people can be buried in the same grave.  One will be 9 feet under earth and the other will be 6 feet.  So it’s like one janaaza on top of another one.  The government apparently wants to do this in the GTA at least so as to save space I suppose.  Is this permissible under Islamic jurisdiction??

thanking you in anticipation
York University, Toronto, ON



Wa Alaikum Assalam,

From Islamic point of view, this arrangement is fine.  In fact, it is a very Islamic concept. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that on the Judgment day multiple people (more than 70 in some situations) will come out from one grave. In many Muslim countries it is already happening.Canada is now picking up.  It saves land and the environment. Thanks




I am a conscientious, although unschooled, Muslim.  I have two homosexual friends, one of whom is a good friend from work.  We regularly receive one another to dinner, whilst they do not preach the virtues of their sinful lifestyle to me, and respect my religious sensibilities, they have recently taken to being very intimate with one another in front of me.  Whilst I understand that for a man to be naked in front of another is haram, when the act is of this which I describe, am I colluding in sinful behavior?  Equally of course, I do not wish to seem prudish, fanatical, or impolite.
Yours in confusion.




Wa Alaikum Assalam,


Let me ask you a question before I reply your question. What will you do when a person is going to put himself/herself in a danger in front of you? OR What will you do when a person is going to harm another person in front of you? Will you just watch and do nothing because he / she is not harming you?


OR will you try your best to stop the person who is putting himself or others in danger?


Living in a sinful behaviour (as you also wrote) is a very dangerous behaviour to the person himself and others. Why will you not try (without being impolite or fanatical) to stop that behaviour.

It’s a common sense that we all have.  We just need to use it.





I like to know if a husband is aloud to have sex with his wife for his own pleasure, without fulfilling his wife needs? Is a husband allowed to swear and slag his wife after having sex? Is a husband allowed to stop his wife having kids if she wants more children?
thank you I hope to hear from you


Wa Alaikum Assalam,


The relationship between husband and wife is based upon mutual love and respect. If the relationship between husband and wife is based upon selfishness, swearing and just for sexual pleasure, it can not last longer.

Husband or wife should not swear at each other OR abuse each other. It will destroy the family. Swearing and abuse is a sin and should stop immediately.  Your husband needs treatment and he should see a doctor OR psychologist as soon as possible.


The decision of having more children should be made between husband and wife with mutual understanding. It should not be decided by one person alone.  Both mother and father have the responsibilities and they both need to be involved in child’s life.





Asalaamo alaikum

I am a student in grade 11 and in my biology class we will be dissecting piglets on Monday. I was wondering if we are allowed to touch the piglets. Sorry this is short notice. We will be wearing gloves but is it even allowed to touch them? I will really appreciate your response. Thank you. Allahhafiz.





Wa Alaikum Assalam,

Yes, for learning purposes you can touch and dissect piglets. Please ensure that you properly cover your dress and put on hand gloves. You do not want any blood or any thing from pig falls on your dress. Once you finish your experiment ensure that you wash your hands with soap.  All parts of pig even hair are impure (Najis).

May Allah help you in your studies.




  1. Please explain the right method of “salatul WITER”. Is that continuous three rakat or is that like   Maghreb salah ? OR is that two rakat complete and than one rakat separate? Please explain in the light of “IMMAM ABU HANIFA”.
  2. What we read in “Tahajud Salah” after reading surah Fatiha, and how many rakat we pray?




  1. SalatulWitr is a continues three Raka’. In the 3rd Raka’ before going into
    Rukoo you raise your hands and say Allah-o-Akbar and then read Du’a Qunoot.
    After Du’a Qanoot you perform rukoo and continue the rest of the prayer as three Raka’ salat.


  1. In Tahajjud, after Surah Al Fatiha you can read any verses or surah from Qur’an, just
    like other prayers. In the sets of 2 raka’, you can offer from 2 raka’ to 12 raka’ or more.




Is it ok to read Kalima in the washroom?




It is not Ok to read Kalimah in the washroom where the toilets or urinals are located.  If the washroom has a sink for washing (making Wudhu or shower only) and no toilets then one can read Kalimah in the washroom. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has forbidden to read Qur’an or do ZIKR of Allah in the toilet.



In many breads, ice cream, etc. There are ingredients called mono diglycerides anddiglycerides. According to many, mono and diglycerides are fatty acids and can therefore be from an animal or plant source. Some say that this ingredient is plant derived only. I would really appreciate it if I could find out what this ingredient really is and if its ok for consumption by Muslims. (I should say that I have checked out some of the info on the website I keep referring to, and it was correct. This is a reason why I trust this website, but it could be wrong.






The question is speculative in nature and therefore, I can not say with surety whether these products are permissible or not. If someone is quite sure that a food item has pig or alcohol products mixed with other ingredients then it is not permissible (Halal) food. If someone is not sure then he/she should find out from the manufacturer of the food item. For example, saying, ” According to many, including the website mono and triglycerides are fatty acids and can therefore be from an animal or plant source” does not provide the correct information. The source could be plant or it could be animal. Therefore, it is important to find out whether a certain food item contains a plant based or animal based ingredients. We should make a decision based upon credible information, not on speculations. However, it is always better to stay away from those food items which are doubtful or people are not sure about them.



I said and wrote this to you ever since we met: peaceable Moslems like you seem to be but a few voices in the wilderness. How can I say that? There have just been more multiple bombings, killing innocent civilians, bomb making equipment is found  in Indonesia and Australia, a cruise ship was attacked – And the high  level Moslem Hierarchy is silent, deafeningly silent. A handful of people like you really are voices in the wilderness of a sea of kaffir hating , misguided fanatics.

Bill in Calgary





I don’t think that you get all the information about Islam and Muslim activities. All major Muslim scholars and organizations routinely condemn terrorism. From Indonesia to Morocco, all Muslims are united to combat terrorism. Only few are misguided and they are the one who were trained and equipped by the US in the past.


When one terrorist commits a crime, the entire world population reads, hears and sees the crime but when hundreds of thousands of Muslim scholars condemn it, no one shows interest to listening to them. The reason; the bomb blasts and suicides create sensation. A statement for peace has no sensation. Media will not cover it. Media is going to cover sensation.

I hope and pray that you are healthy and happy. If you have few minutes, let meet on a coffee or tea.



Syed Soharwardy

Ph: 403-208-7148



Hello, I am a Christian woman living in the USA.  I have a question about what I have read in the Quran.  In sura 15 as well as many other places, it says “we created.” and “we who give life”.  Why do you think it says we instead of I?

Thank you,



In Arabic the word “NAHNO” which means “we” can also be used for a singular authority. The word NAHNO when used by a single authority expresses the supremacy of the authority. God (Allah) is the most supreme and has the highest authority. Therefore, He uses the word NAHNO for Himself to express His highest authority. It does not mean that God is plural. God is singular (one).


If you read or listen speeches or proclamations made by today’s Arab rulers and Kings. You will see that the King (only one person) uses the word NAHNO for himself in order to express his authority. Similarly, in other languages too “we” is used by a single person in order to show his supremacy over others.




I have two issues about which I was confused and need your help and knowledge
to clarify them. They are as follows:-

( 1). I am a Pakistani Muslim lady working in an international company  in Dubai. We have people of all nationalities in our office.  Recently it was the ‘Diwali’ festival for “Hindus”. I noticed that several Muslims in our office were greeting Hindu co-workers saying ‘happy diwali’….but I did not as I was not sure if this is the right thing to do
but as Eid was the next day only several of those Hindu co-workers wished me and other Muslims ‘happy EID’ and that also made me feel guilty for not wishing them but I was afraid that God may not like if I wish them for diwali. My question is what should a Muslim do in such situations coz there are also other festivals for other religions like Christianity, etc. Is it o.k. to wish them on their respective occasions?

(2) I read somewhere that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) prohibited placing pictures of animals or living things in the house. But I still wanted to make sure if this is an authentic hadhees. I do not have photographs in my room but is it o.k. if  i have stuffed toys or some decoration piece of some little girl or something like that…?

looking forward to your kind response,


A sister, Dubai



Wa Alaikum Assalam,

If someone (Muslim) has no choice but to attend these gatherings, in that case, the person (Muslim) can say “hello”, Hi, good day, good evening, etc…… This does not mean that the Muslims do not want to express good wishes to Hindu colleagues or neighbours. It means that Muslims do not endorse the religious beliefs of other religions, which goes against Islamic beliefs. We can still be good neighbours and colleagues.

We (Muslims) show our tolerance to people of other Faiths based upon the fact that the people of other Faiths are human, just like us.  However, we must not endorse their beliefs. Islam is the ONLY truth.

Stuffed / toys dolls and animals for children plays are allowed in Islam.  If pictures do not create any distraction in prayers, one can have it too. But remember, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) never liked pictures or paintings hanging in his home.




Please help me in answering the following questions:

1) If the fluid that comes out from the private parts of the body during sex goes into the partner’s mouth during sex? What will be its status according to Islamic point of view? From medical point of view, I read that “it’s not dangerous”.

Please reply me as soon as possible.



Wa Alaikum Assalam,


Allah has designed our body and gave us the place for the fluid that comes out during sex (seminal fluid) and that place is Vigina, not wife’s mouth. Putting this fluid in wife’s mouth is sickness, sinful and immoral behaviour.


Mouth is the place from where the ZIKR of Allah comes out. People read Qur’an from mouth. How can someone put impure/dirty (Najis) fluid in that mouth? May Allah show us the path ofwisdom. Again, dropping seminal fluid in wife’s mouth is Haram. If someone has committed this dirty action MUST ask forgiveness from his wife first and then repent to Allah.













Wa Alaikum Assalam,


It is OK to use Camera films. After going through chemical processes and changes the composition of animal products changes. These products such as Camera film loose all the characteristics and attributes of an animal fat or meat. Therefore, its fine.

Moreover, we do not eat or put on our bodies the camera films..




1)       What does our beloved religion say about playing games? For example I play cricket here every season and I have seen some Hadeeth which talks about playing games like chess etc… So I was curious if I can play cricket or not.

2)       How does Islam see Education vs. real knowledge (which is deeni knowledge I assume). e.g. nowadays people stress much on earning a worldly education degree rather than deenieducation, and this worldly education also affects their personal lives e.g. not getting married and screwing around until the degree is earned (this is very common in Pakistani Muslim community).




You can play cricket or similar games where you get some physical exercise, as long as you fulfill your obligation towards your relatives / community members and Allah (such as Salat, duties to your family, etc…). There is no harm in playing cricket. In fact, increasing / maintaining physical strength through sports has been commended by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


Learning basic education that can provide a Muslim to know about Haram and Halal is FARDH (mandatory).  The worldly sciences are also required in order to earn Halal living and provide benefits to the society. But this comes after the Halal and Haram knowledge (the basic knowledge of DEEN). A person can learn as much as he/she wants. No limits for learning.


If a person has reached the age of marriage and does not want to get married because he / she can not afford it is permissible as long as the person does not commit Haram (lust / adultery). If a person is waiting for a degree and not getting married but committing Adultery then this person is in bigger trouble with Allah. His/her degree will not save him / her from the punishment of Allah. Therefore, if a person can not get married then he /she should not do Haram (adultery). If the person can not control himself / herself then the person MUST get married. Relatives and community should help this person.



How much Hadiya do needs to be paid for someone who cannot fast during the month of Ramadan due to health reasons?





If the illness is life threatening OR a person is physically so weak that he/she can not fast then the person must feed two meals to a person for each missed fast.



I was just wondering, is there any bindings that a Muslim can not tattoo a name on his/her body? Simply a name, no picture or anything.





Piercing body OR cutting skin with laser or any other tool in order to make Tattoos is not permissible (Permanent Tattoos). Making pictures on body is absolutely not allowed. Writing names in the form of Permanent Tattoos is not allowed. However, for medical reasons or identification purposes (for an insane person only) his/her name can be written on his/her skin.


I was born and live in the UK.  I would like my children to have the benefit of fully understanding Islam.  I was given only a very basic education in Islam and feel unable to fully assist them.  In the area that I live in, all the main groups, mosques and Imam’s are practicing Shia or Wahabi’s.  I come from a Sunni background and so does my husband.  I have suggested sending the children to a Wahabi/Shia mosque but he will not allow it.  In addition he is also not fully versed in the differences between the sects, but his parents have told him he is Sunni and he will not consider any other form of Islam.  It is coming to the point of my children having to forgo any Islamic education.  I have desperately tried to find out the differences and would then like to make an informed choice.  I have bought books and trawled the internet to ascertain how the Sunni, Shia and Wahabi beliefs differ.  But this is very difficult, as each site preaches their ownbelief and fails to compare.  Also the sites use religious words, without translation and I get lost!!  Please help!!


My questions therefore are: – What are the main beliefs of each sect (Sunni/Shia/Wahabi) and What is the difference?  Who is right and who is wrong?  I have been told  Wahabi’s do not pray on Friday’s or read Jamaica, when someone dies. If so why – what are the reasons?  Is this the truth or false?  Why is there so much hate?


I really hope that you can help and provide me with some information, in a clear and concise manner.





Your question is good. I am not sure why can’t you find a mosque in your area that can provide services based upon your school of thought?  However, it is critical that you send your children to an Islamic environment; otherwise, they may loose Islam.  All basic beliefs are same in all Muslim sects. Only they differ on minor issues. Some ignorant religious leaders have made these differences in to bigger differences.


Please send your children to a mosque near you.  You and your husband should also go with the children.   We, Muslims, can not afford to be divided.


I am very concerned about this issue, and can’t fully understand it, since even my household has different opinions about it.  Is eating chicken from places like KFC wrong?  The chicken isn’t exactly Halal, but many people I know argue that we are allowed to eat it, since it isn’t exactlyHaram.  They support this by saying that Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) once ate in a Christian household.  However the others argue that the food isn’t Halal, and therefore we shouldn’t eat it, since that would be like eating other Haram foods.  So is it wrong to eat these foods?


My second question is about the use of perfume etc.  As you know, perfume contains alcohol, which is clearly stated as “Haram” in the Qur’an. Doesn’t that mean we shouldn’t drink or even touch it.  Many Muslims do use it, but is it right to?  There are un-alcoholic perfumes like products available.  Many people say that it is a must for Muslims to stay clean, and the use of scents isn’t wrong, but wouldn’t using alcohol cause you to become unclean instead?





In a non Muslim country, unless specified Halal, the meat cooked at KFC, McDonald, Burger King, etc. is not from an Islamically slaughtered animal or bird. Therefore, Muslims should avoid it. The blessings of Allah fall upon the meat of an animal when it is slaughtered in the name of Allah.  An animal which is not slaughtered in anyone’s name can not be equal to an animal that was slaughtered in Allah’s name. Generally, Muslims consider the Islamically slaughtered animal’s meat as Halal meat. Those who eat non-Islamically slaughtered animal’s meat deprive themselves the blessings of an Islamically slaughtered animal’s meat. Why should we eat some thing which is inferior? While the meat of Islamically slaughtered animals is readily available in all parts of the world.  Remember, the food we eat become part of our body. We must avoid any food which puts doubts in our minds, therefore, eat only HALAL. You will feel the blessings of Allah.


However, If Chicken at KFC is not Halal but it is not Haram either because it is not slaughtered in anyone’s name. In Qur’an, related to meat, four things are HARAM (Unlawful);

  1. Dead animals and birds
  2. Blood
  3. Pig and all its products and forms
  4. A lawful animal when slaughtered in someone’s name (other than Allah)

(Surah Al Baqarah, Chapter 2, verse # 173)


As we know that the beef and chicken at KFC, McDonald, Burger King, etc… are not from the above four forbidden categories of meat, therefore, we can not call it Haram. However, these meats are not Halal either as the animals and birds were not slaughtered in the name of Allah.

Why should we eat some thing which is doubtful? While the meat of Islamically slaughtered animals is readily available in all parts of the world.  In Canada Halal meat is available everywhere. Therefore, without a legitimate excuse (such as being hungry and there is no other choice) a Muslim must avoid non Halal foods.


Secondly, Perfume that contains alcohol is not good and we should avoid it.


I am a Muslim and living in Canada. I am a married man. My question is that the anal intercourse is allowed with wife or not in Islam (some peoples says that if you do anal intercourse with your wife, your Nikkah is broken, it is true or just rumors?




Normal and natural intercourse between husband and wife is Halal. All other forms of intercourse including anal are abnormal and Haram in Islam. Nikah remains valid but a person who performs anal intercourse with his wife commits a sin and must stop and ask forgiveness from wife and then from Allah.


If a non Muslim want to learn Qur’an. Can that person touch the Qur’an?. If not so how that person will learn without touching. And if that person can touch can he or she have to do proper  WUZO first (ablution)?





Non Muslim can read and touch the translation of the Qur’an without having Wudu.  No one Muslim or non Muslim should touch the Arabic text of the holy Qur’an without Wudu (Ablution)


I am a divorced lady with a 1 year old baby boy and am currently living with my parents. Recently I came across an old college friend who knows me and my family well and we know them. After coming to know my situation he has proposed me for marriage. He is single. But he has placed a condition that he will accept me and not the child. I have an elder sister in USA who has been married for 8 years and has no children-they are Mashallah financially well-off couple. After coming to know of my proposal my sister has offered to take custody of my child so I can get married to the man in question. But here lies the problem that I am in confusion here-is this man’s demand fair? Is it really difficult for a man to accept another man’s child? plus I feel that although my child would be in the best of care with my sister-but wouldn’t it be unfair to the child who already lost his biological father to not have his biological mother as well…I want my own life…but not at the cost of being unfair to my kid-what should I do brother? Should I ask my friend that if he loves me he should accept my child as well or should I agree to his condition?




The condition from the person you are thinking to marry is not fair. This man seems to be a selfish person. He should not have made any conditions to you. My suggestion to you is to stay with your child and find someone better who can love you and your child. If this person has any conscience of Allah he will not ask you to give up your child. Be careful.


I’m forwarding this email to you that I received from one of my friends.  I would like to know to what extent is this true that in the month of Safar bad things happen and evil spirits come out.Should we believe such things?  Please comment on this.


Gharnata Khan



No, we do not believe that the month of Safar is a month of troubles. This is wrong. All months are created by Allah and we must not say bad things about time.


There are few Ahadith you may find about Safar but those Ahadith are not authentic. Month of Safar is as good as any other month.


My name is_______ and I have been living in Canada for past 4 years. I was married in Pakistanand due to my husband’s abuse both physical and mental, I left him almost seven years ago and have not kept any relationship with him. Now I want to remarry and I cannot find a way to divorce him or ask for khula. I do not know my husband’s whereabouts and have no way of knowing if he is re-married or not. He lives in Pakistan and I tried twice to file for divorce through two different lawyers, but in vain. Please let me know if there is a way of khula that I can do without going back to Pakistan. I do not have any family there and I am scared for my life.  Please in the name of Allah help me.


A sister



You should discuss the issue with a lawyer. You can go to the Canadian court and file for divorce. Canadian court’s decision will be valid and you can marry someone else after court’s decision. You do not need to go back to Pakistan.


Kindly tell me about mortgage and credit line. Can we as a Muslim take these types of loans because interest is strictly prohibited in Islam.



When you know interest is strictly prohibited in Islam, why are you asking a question about it? There are Muslim organizations in Canada, they can provide you mortgage and loans based upon Islamic principles. Please contact them.


My name is _________ . I am 15 years old and from Palestine. I am now in  _________ andAlhamdulilah I’ve become really attached to my religion . My mother and father, and my whole family in general , aren’t as serious as I am when it comes to Islam. Alhamdulilah my father is sogenerous , and kind-hearted . My mother prays but I still feel she is never happy with the way I dress and the way I’ve taken my religious values up a notch. For example , yesterday my mother told me to go wear a skirt and a blouse because we were going somewhere , but then we only had about 5 minutes left to  get there . ( it was 3:55 we had to be there at 4:00 , it was about 10 minutes away ) And because I just finished praying I didn’t have enough time to go upstairs and get dressed so I just went ahead and wore what I usually wear , a ‘Aabayah . So she got so mad and she looked as if she wanted to really just yell at me , so she said so you still didn’t listen? But I told her the reason and she didn’t take it so seriously. Another thing is my sister ,Yesterday I was praying Dhuhr and I’m now trying to pray all the sunnah along with the Fard so that I may be a Walle of Allah , Inshallahu Ta’aala. So when I was making my thikr just before I was going to make my last 2 rak’aat she started yelling at me saying ” Oh my god ______ what are you praying Qiyaam il Nahar or something ?! So I yelled back I’m praying Dhuhr and she said It’s not allowed to do a Qiyam il Nahar only Qiyam il Layl( trying to be funny I guess). So I got so mad and then during the rest of my sallah ( since I do not listen to music ) she began singing for the entire time . Anyways these are only a few examples of what I’m going through at home. You see just yesterday I noticed in how big of a mess they’re in , because they shall be asked about everything they do now sooner or later and it’s so hard for me to be the only one to pray Dhuhr , or the only one ! to dress properly when leaving the house , ( my sister and mother wear pants ) and everything you even suggest something it’s like they don’t want to hear it . Yesterday when I paid attention to all this I began to cry because they will be questioned about it .See I hate to speak of my family this way because they are Great people and I know Allah loves them , but they take it for granted to be born a Muslim and they know Allah’s Rahma ( mercy ) precedes hisGhadhab ( Anger ) but they don’t know that they still have to pray . Well I just wanted to know what I should do because it gets harder and harder every day to accept the fact that your parents aren’t listening to you and they need to be closer to Allah. All I want is a bit  of advice , because I don’t know what to do , and another thing is I’ve tried so hard to get information on youngmuslimah’s problems but it’s all marriage and other things similar to it. So please if you have the time to , e-mail me back inshaallah .


– Sallam U Alaikum

A Sister, USA


These kinds of situations are not new for Muslims. All Prophets of Allah (Peace be upon them) and good people suffered from such things. You should continue loving and respecting your parents and sister. One day your perseverance and constant struggle with this situation will bring them closer to Allah. You are doing a Da’wa work which is the most difficult task a person can do in this life.

You need to please Allah, no body else. Stay firm and try to pray Fard and Sunnah. Let people say what they say and ask Allah to guide them. This is a test for you. Make sure you succeed in this test. People and Shaitan will try to make you angry but you do not get angry . Stay cool and kind to your parents and sister. May Allah help you and keep you healthy and safe.


I am  27 year old woman in Calgary. I work here in one of the best institutions and living a pretty comfortable life. But I have a problem…….in fact I have a question for you. The problem/ question is that  being a Muslim can you eat in the restaurants here. I mean can you eat the chicken/beef (I am not talking about pork) in the restaurants? Actually we buy halal beef /chicken to cook at home but when it comes to going out for dinner I love eating the Canadian and North American food. It seems like I am addicted to their taste. In fact I have lost the taste for my South Asian food. I am not a food lover but I just love the restaurant food and I go out to eat a lot. I would say more than 4 times a month.
For the last 4 months I have limited my self to halal food only and some fish food in the restaurants ………but now it is driving me crazy to look at all these places and cannot go to eat there. For once and for all I would want to know whether I can eat chicken/
beef or not at all. Please Soharwardy Sahab help me find an answer to this. I would be glad to know that once you read Bismillah on it before eating, it becomes halal. This would be the best news for me.
But again I want to know the answer in the light of our Holy Quran and Islam. Well I have abstained from eating these food for the last 4 months and inshallah, Allah will give me the strength to abstain from it for ever (if your answer is no).

A sister


I would suggest that a Muslim should not eat any meat unless it comes from Islamicallyslaughtered animal /bird. There is a blessing of Allah in that meat and it is better food. Why we want to eat an inferior meat while superior meat is available to us? The meat of an animal or bird that is Islamically slaughtered is far better meat than the other meats because Allah’s name recited when the animal get slaughtered.
By the way, you just eat four or five times a month in a Canadian restaurant, I eat almost every day in Canadian restaurants because of my travel. And I never eat non Halal meat. I eat seafood or vegetables. It is matter of taste development. Stay firm and you will be alright. Enjoy Halalfood. There is lots of blessings in it.


I was engaged to a guy for three years ( no katb ktab) just normal engagement.(fatha) During these three years we did Zina (Adultery). now we broke up our engagement
after a big fight and no way of getting back to each other. this fight was final and forever. Now am so regretted for what I did and I don’t know what shall I do
for god to forgive me. Am not able to sleep, am always thinking of this issue. do u think god can forgive me?

A Sister



It is a requirement of Islam that a person MUST not loose hope with Allah.  Unfortunately, we all commit sins but Allah has told us that He is very forgiving and merciful. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has informed us that if you bring your sins as high as mountains, Allah will not hesitate to forgive. Therefore, I would suggest that you pray five daily prayers and ask Allah for forgiveness and go on with life. Get married and thanks Allah that you are alive and you have the chance to repent.


Are the inheritance rights of an adopted child and biological child exactly the same in Islam?



No, a child whose custody has been assumed by someone is not among the heirs of that person. However, from the one third of his/her wealth, he/she can give to the adopted child through his/her will.


Dear brother:
What can you tell me about
thank you for your consideration.
Our prayers go forth for your family and yourself
Fran Becker

Dear Sister,
Khilvat is a state of a person in which he/she, inspite of being among the
people, remains secluded, and remain connected with almighty Allah. Khilvat
can be physical seclusion or mental seclusion. But in Khilvat the company of
Allah remains intact (Jalvat). Khilvat requires from a person to isolate
himself / herself from all ill beliefs and ill manners. The spiritual growth
comes from Khilvat and the result is Jalvat. However, Jalvat is also used
for a state of a person when he/she is among Allah’s creation.
The unity of a person in khilvat and Jalvat makes the person close to
almighty Allah and removes all forms of hypocrisy from the person. May Allah
bring unity in our state of Khilvat and Jalvat. Amen


I got your newsletter regularly and I also attended most of your lectures. You are doing a noble job, May Allah help you (Aameen ).
I need help in a very important matter that is sex,,. what is the Islamic
way doing it for a married couple. Are there any limitations or
restrictions in Islam while doing this,
Is oral sex is o.k. or prohibited. we, women can’t ask this kind of questions
to anyone even to any aalim or maulana. but I trust you and email is a good
source of asking this kind of sensitive and important questions. it is a
question of many Muslim sisters and they should know it because it is a
please answer me , and also if you know any Islamic website in which we can
find these kinds of questions which are not in books, then please let me

waiting for your reply.
Muslim sisters


Wa Alaikum Assalam,

Allah has created desire for sex in human and there is nothing wrong to
learn about it. In Islam sex between husband and wife is considered as an
enjoyable mutual affair. What Islam says that before starting sex you
remember Allah by saying Bismillah. During sex husband and wife should not
engage themselves in violent form of sex which is very common in the west.
They should enjoy it but must not cause harm to each other. During the
excitement of sex people do not realize that they may cause a damage to the
other partner (husband / wife). Just behave as a normal human being not an

Oral sex is OK as long as husband and wife do not put their mouth on and
around the genitals like many animals do.
May Allah help us to understand and practice the commandment of Allah. Amen


Dear Sir,
Assalamo Alay kum

Pl. provide me information about the criteria for children to offer salah in masjid :
(1) Age after which they can offer salah in Jamaat
(2) Whether they can stand in first row
(3) Whether they have to keep on moving in the rear rows as the rows get filled up
with the flow of worshippers while Jamaat is in progress
(4) Will the salah of entire worshippers will be nullified if a child is in the front row?
(5) Can a child offer salah in front row if he is accompanied by an adult?
(6) Can an underaged but matured child join a jamaat?

Your reply by return email will be deeply appreciated.

Allah Hafiz

Wa Alaikum Assalam,

Here are the answers. Thanks

1) Children should be encouraged to attend the Salat with Jama’at as soon as they are able to use washroom independently

2) If there is an empty space in the first row, they can stand. I have seen people pushing the children in the back rows. Some time they yell at the kids. This is wrong. Children MUST be treated with love and care.

3) No, once they have occupied their space, they should be respected and must not be pushed around. Yes, during the time of Rasool ullah Sallallaho Alaihe wasallam, children used to stand behind the adults. But no one can proof that once the children and adult took their places, children were pushed around by the late coming adults.

4) No, there is no such Hadith. People have made up these things. In some cases parents can not leave their kids by themselves in the back rows. There could be several reasons. Some time a child feels very uncomfortable with out parents. We need to make our children comfortable in mosques instead of making them uncomfortable.

5) Yes, absolutely. Same reasons as explained earlier.

6) It is not a matter of underage or maturity. It is a matter of training. We must bring our children to Mosques and encourage them to offer Salat in Jama’at.

These are very good questions and I will discuss these questions in our TV program as well. Thanks for asking these questions. May Allah bless you and your family.


Assalam Alekum:

I’ve a 25 years old step daughter who wants to marry a Christian guy. We’ve been trying to get her marry with a Muslim guy for a year but not successful. I am not in favor of this marriage. But If I go against it there will be a big fighting in the family.

I’m emotionally very much disturbed. Please advise me according to Islamic teachings. By the way, I do not have control over things.


One Muslim brother


Wa Alaikum Assalam,

In Islam a woman is not allowed to marry any non-Muslim. If your stepdaughter marries a non-Muslim man, she will be doing against Islam. Your responsibility is to let her know and try to arrange a meeting with an Imam or scholar to explain to her. If she still insists, leave her alone. She will be responsible for her actions. There should not be any force upon her. You are only responsible for informing her. She is adult and will be responsible for her decisions.


Assalam o alikum Brother!

Thank you for replying to my previous questions, Jazak-Allah-kher!

Yesterday, my nikah was performed by Imaam ——— toronto. I just have a few questions about that.

Khutba was read and the consent of me and my fiancee was taken. I recieved haq-mehr, but there was no nikah-nama, and the imaam saab did not get us to sign any papers. Also, theImaam saab was the witness himself and there was no one else as a witness. I am not sure if this is the right way, since I know that there must be:

1) 2 witnesses,

2) haq mehr

3) bride, groom & witnesses must sign the nikah-nama.

Would you please guide me further on this? The imaam saab himself was one witness and he said the name of the other witness but that witness was not present at that time. I’m very much confused on this matter. Is our nikah done or do we have to do it again? Please reply to me as soon as possible, I would greatly appreciate this.




There should have been at least two witnesses. Imam was one witness but there should have been one more witness to the Nikah.

Nikah Naama is just a legal requirement and you should get it from the Imam Or the local authorities.

Question: Why does the Muslim year start at the entrance to Madinah 1400 years ago? if Islam was created at the time of Abraham, then shouldn’t we follow back then or even before that to the time of Adam & Eve? Technically it should be the year 5670.

Michael (December 6, 2001)

Answer: It is not important when the year starts. The year start date was decided
by second Caliph of Islam, Omar Farooq (May Allah be pleased with him). The start date of a calendar year is not in Qur’an OR Hadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him). This was the decision made at that time by the head of Islamic state, Omar Farooq (May Allah be pleased with him) and the entire Muslim Ummah (nation) accepted it. Before, Omar Farooq(May Allah be pleased with him) made this decision, he consulted with the consultive council of the Companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They identified various criteria for the start of Islamic calendar but all of them agreed to start Islamic calendar from the 1st of Muharram, which signifies the importance of migration of early Muslims from Makkah to Madinah. Muslims migrated from Makkah to Madinah on Muharram 1 and this critical milestone of Muslim history provided the first opportunity to establish Islamic State in Madinah. The establishment of Islamic state provided peace, security and freedom to the Muslims of Makkah and Madinah. It proves that establishing an Islamic state is the most important task for all Muslims.

Question: What is the difference between Sufi-Islam and Islam? Or are they the same?

Answer: There is no such thing as “Sufi-Islam”. Islam is one. Sufism is a mystic science of Islam. Sufism is called Tazkiyah or Tasawuf in Arabic. Tazkiyah means purifying or sanctifying. It is every human being’s responsibility to purify him / her. Qur’an uses the word TAZKIYAH for purifying / sanctifying one’s heart and soul. Allah purifies people and Allah has mentioned in Qur’an that it is one of the major responsibility of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to purify mankind. The criterion of success is purification of heart, mind and soul. “True” Sufis of Islam were / are the great asset of Islam. Allah says in Qur’an,

O ye who believe! follow not Satan’s footsteps: if any will follow the footsteps of Satan he will (but) command what is shameful and wrong: and were it not for the grace and mercy of Allah on you not one of you would ever have been pure: but Allah doth purify whom He pleases: and Allah is One Who hears and knows (all things). (24:21)

Question: Was prophet Muhammad a Sufi-Muslim?

Answer: Prophet Muhammad is Allah’s last messenger, He is the leader of all Muslims. Muslims should not be classified as a specific type of Muslims. Muslims are Muslims. To acquire purification of inner-self is every Muslims duty. Therefore, any Muslims who has a clean and pure heart is Sufi too. Since, Sufis are true and sincere Muslims, therefore, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the leader of all true Sufis. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the source for TAZKIYAH (purification / sanctification) as described by Qur’an;
1) A Messenger of their own, Who shall rehearse Thy signs to them and instruct
them into scripture and Wisdom, And sanctify them: For Thou art the Exalted
in Might, The Wise. (2:129)
2) But those will prosper who purify themselves. (87:14)

Question: I read an article last week that many Americans and Canadians are converting to Islam because of the Persian poet Rumi. Apparently his poetry about GOD and the human heart has had a big impact. While reading Rumi’s poetry many had been lead to Islam. What are your comments on this? and what do you think about Rumi?

Answer: Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi (May Allah bless him) was one of the great Sufis of Islam.Rumi contributed significantly towards creating true understanding of Islam. Maulana Jalal uddinRumi (May Allah bless him) is one of the heroes of Islam. His poetry called “Mathnavi” and Rumiclaims that this Mathnavi is nothing but Qur’an in Persian language. I do organize gatherings to discuss Rumi’s message.

Question: Why are most of the Converts to Islam women and not men?

Answer: Because in most cases women’s are oppressed. Islam is the religion for the
protection of oppressed people on earth. Many Muslims have also forgotten the
teachings of Islam about women. Islam recognizes the needs of women very well.. Western world exploits women in the name of freedom and eastern world exploits women in the name of culture. Both are very oppressive towards women. Islam gives women her rights and protects her from both extremes. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that the Heaven is under the feet of a woman. Who is that woman? That woman is your mother.

The Arabs used to bury their daughter alive. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) came and said that anyone who raises three daughters with good education and up bringing will be with me in paradise just like the two fingers on your hand.

In Qur’an Allah says. ” Those who slander chaste women indiscreet but believing are cursed in this life and in the Hereafter: for them is a grievous Penalty. On the Day when their tongues their hands and their feet will bear witness against them as to their actions. On that Day Allah will pay them back (all) their just dues and they will realize that Allah is the (very) Truth that makes all things manifest. (Surah Noor, 24:23,24,25)

Why women should not love to accept Islam as their way of life?

Question: In Islam why is it that Jesus will come back in the end of times and not Muhammad?isn’t this Christianity?

Answer: As Muslims we believe that GOD is not bound by our suggestions and desires.
He does whatever He wants.

Secondly, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself has informed that
Jesus (peace be upon him) will return. He could have said about himself but
he said that Jesus will return.

Thirdly, Muslims believe that Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) is Muslim not
Christian. Islam did not start from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) but
it started from Adam, the first man on earth. Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, David, Jacob, Joseph, Solomon, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (Peace be upon them) were all Allah’s Messengers or Prophets and they all brought the same message of God (Allah) that there is no god but Allah (one God).

Fourthly, it is not necessary that we have to do some thing different if
Christians are doing or believing the same. Truth is truth. After all Qur’an
is the verifier of Gospel and Torah.

As Muslims we believe that Jesus Christ has been raised alive towards Heavens while Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has passed away. It is normal that Jesus should comeback because he is alive. When Jesus will return he will have a normal life and
he will have a normal death. Once a person dies he does not come back to
this world. He will be alive again in Hereafter. Therefore, Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him) will be among us in Hereafter along with Jesus and other
Prophets (peace be upon them)

Question: When Jesus comes back there will be peace on earth for 40 years and then what happens after that?

Answer: Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) will rule the world for 40 years and will fight against DAJJAL (anti-Christ) and will establish peace on earth. 7 years after the killing anti Christ, Jesus will also taste death. The Muslims according to Islamic traditions will bury him. Jesus will be buried in Prophet Mohammed’s mosque in Madinah next to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). After some time people will go back to Satan’s way of doing things and they will start associating things with Allah (God). The peace on earth will be lost again. At that time there will not be a person who would have believe in one God. In other words, there won’t be Muslims left on earth.
Therefore, Allah will end the universe and Hereafter will take place.

Question: Do Muslims believe in a anti-Christ? Satan? If so where will this anti-Christ come from? Christians believe he or she will come from the newly formed European Union ( the oldRoman empire )

Answer: Yes, Muslim believe that there will be an anti Christ. In Arabic anti-Christ is called DAJ-JAAL. Dajjaal will fight against Jesus Christ and Imam Mahdi (peace be upon them) and will be killed.
Yes, Muslims believe in Satan. Satan always leads towards disobeying God.

There are different opinions about Dajjaal. But what Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said about Dajjaal that he will be very cruel, ruthless. Many people will follow him and finally he will be killed while fighting against true Muslims lead by Jesus and Imam Mahdi (peace be upon them). Imam Mahdi is the twelfth Imam from the family of Prophet Muhammad and he will be born before the return of Jesus and they will together fight against Dajjaal.

Question: If all the prophets from Moses to Jesus were Jews how can people accept Muhammad as a prophet if he did not follow the Jewish lineage?

Answer: All the Prophets from Adam till Muhammad (peace be upon them) were NOT Jews. They were all Muslims. A Muslim is someone who completely surrenders himself / herself to the will of God. Islam means submission to God. In Qur’an Allah say, Abraham was not a Jew nor yet a Christian but he was true in faith and bowed his will to Allah’s (which is Islam) and he joined not gods with Allah. (3:67)

Ye people of the Book! Why dispute ye about Abraham when the Law and the Gospel were not revealed till after him? Have ye no understanding? (3:65)

As far Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them) are concerned, both of them preached submission to Allah (one God) which is Islam. Please remember, Islam did not start from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In fact, the guidance of Allah which came to Moses in the form of Torah and to Jesus (peace be upon them) in the form of Gospel was completed in Qur’an which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Question: Can Islam co-exist with democracy? Because this is the biggest concern from the west.

Answer: Islam creates a very democratic society. Since, West do not know about Islam
and presently there is no government, which has implemented Islam completely, therefore, people in the west have difficulty to know about democratic principles of Islam. Where you will find that an ordinary person walking on the streets of Madinah stops the Head of Islamic State and ask him how did you get this shirt? Where you can find in the modern Western democracies that if a case in the court requires Head of State to defend himself against a claim from an ordinary citizen of the state, the Head State stands in the court just like an ordinary person without any special treatments. Islamic history is full of these incidents. The first formal charter of human rights was given to this world by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) almost 15 centuries ago. The present world is not even close to have such protection of human rights that Islam has given to this us. Islam is the most democratic when implemented in its pure form. Islam is very democratic when it comes to respecting freedom of individual but Islam does not allow having immoral and corrupt society regardless how big majority agrees to it.

Islam is the most democratic and peaceful way of life for this world.

Question: why is Muhammad friendly with Jews and Christians early in his ministry and then he professed anger towards them? Why did GOD change his mind? Or did Muhammad change his feelings?

Answer: Neither God nor Muhammad (peace be upon him) changed mind. It was other way around. The Jews and the Christians were waiting for the last Messenger of God. Even before he was born, they used to talk about him. They used to use his intercession to God for resolving their problems. They used to make supplications to God by reciting his name. Qur’an describes that the Jews and the Christians of that time recognized Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as clearly as they could recognize their own children. But when Prophet Muhammad (peacebe upon him) told them that he is the Messenger of God for whom they have been waiting centuries. They changed their mind, just because Prophet Muhammad was not born from the offspring of Prophet Isaac. He was born in offspring of Prophet Ishmael (peace be upon them). They refused to accept the covenant of God, which He gave to Abraham that the last Messenger would be from Abraham’s children and Prophet Muhammad is from Prophet Abraham’s (peace be upon them) offspring. The covenant was not for Isaac nor for Ismael. It was for Abraham (peace be upon them)

Question: It has been stated that early on all Muslims faced Jerusalem while praying, but that got changed where they all face Mecca now..Why?

Answer: We do not challenge God. We surrender ourselves to God’s commandments.
This was His order and we followed it. Qur’an also describes this change. In fact, it was Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) desire to change the direction of prayer from Jerusalem toMakkah. Allah loved His beloved Muhammad (peace be upon him) that He asked Prophet Muhammad to change his face from Jerusalem to Makkah while he was praying.

On the other side, there are some references in Islamic literature that initially everyone used to pray towards Ka’ba in Makkah. Then for some reasons the direction of prayer was changed towards Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem. Upon the desire of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Allah allowed Muslims to pray in the original direction of prayer which is Ka’ba (Masjid AlHaraam) in Makkah.

Question: Just like Judaism and Christianity had to reform their religions….is Islam ready to reform now? The reason I ask this is because, I have a strong feeling that if Islam does reform itself as the previous religions did, then and only then can I see Islam being the number one religion here in America as well as all over the world.

Answer: Manmade laws and systems require reforms. As people experience different things at different times and various needs arise in the society with time, people reform and refine their laws and regulations. But Islam is given to us by God and God is perfect. God can not be reformed. If God can not be reformed then His words can not be reformed. His guidance is perfect for all times and for all people. Why one needs to reform a perfect system. Unfortunately, this perfect system is out of practice for centuries. If this system gets implemented some where as a complete package then world will not hesitate to adopt it on, as is basis. What Jews and Christians had done to their religion, it will never ever happen to Islam. Because Allah has made the promise that He will take care of this religion and keep it safe from any changes or manmade reforms.

Within Islamic jurisprudence there is a system called IJTIHAD. Ijtihad is a process in which scholars of Islam find and recommend a solution of a problem / issue which is not apparent to the people in Qur’an and the Hadith. Ijtihad is carried out by very authentic and highly knowledgeable Islamic scholars. But their Ijtihad can not go against the teachings of Qur’an and the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Question: – is the Koran and the Hadith two separate books?

Answer: Yes, Qur’an (Koran) and Hadith are absolutely separate books. Qur’an is word of GOD and Hadith is word of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) but guided by God. But remember,

Islam = Qur’an + Hadith (sayings & actions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Question: Why were the early Muslims facing Jerusalem when they prayed and then God changed it to face Mecca? Shouldn’t Muslims still continue to face Jerusalem if that is the holiest site on earth?
In my opinion………GOD is everywhere….all around us……… does it matter where Muslims face to pray? Please reply, thank you

Answer: Jerusalem is ONE of the holiest sites of Islam. The Grand Mosque in Makkah is
the most holy site of Islam. Facing Makkah in prayer is ONLY for direction. Allah says in Qur’an that Allah is every where and whichever direction you face Allah will be there. Therefore, when Muslims face Makkah in prayer it is only to express unity among Muslims and also shows discipline. All over the world Muslims pray the same way, they say the same words in prayer, do the same things in prayer, pray to the same God and it makes sense if the face the same direction.

The early Muslims used to face towards Jerusalem because it was the Qiblah at that time. During Prophet Muhammad time God made Ka’ba in the grand mosque of Makkah as our Qiblah.

Abu Dharr reported, “O Allah’s Apostle! Which mosque was first built on the surface of the earth?” He said, “Al-Masjid-ul-Haram (in Makkah).” I said, “Which was built next?” He replied “The mosque of Al-Aqsa ( in Jerusalem).” I said, “What was the period of construction between the two?” He said, “Forty years.” He added, “Wherever (you may be, and) the prayer time becomes due, perform the prayer there, for the best thing is to do so (i.e. to offer the prayers in time).” (Bukhari)

If a Muslim is in a place where it is difficult to find out the direction of grand mosque of Makkahthen in that case the person can pray in any

Question: Who am I? (meaning yourself of course)

Answer: We are human beings and the best creation of GOD (Allah). We have been sent
on earth to spend life according to the guidance given to us by our Creator. We will return to him one day. We are here to worship Allah and try to please Him. Any action we carryout or say some thing or participate in any activity, if these actions, active and talks are according to the guidance of Allah then all these things are considered worshipping to Allah. Earning lawfully (Halal) is the best worship of Allah.
Question: What is the meaning of Life?

Answer: Life is a wonderful gift of Allah. We are the custodians of our body.
We must use the powers of life (body) to our best capabilities as prescribed
by our Creator. We will be asked about life once we meet our Creator. Having clean, healthy and pure life is a big blessing of Allah. The soul is the source of life and body is the carrier of life. There is no life without Soul. The health status of soul depends upon the health of the body. Healthy soul keeps life very healthy.

The soul is an order of Allah. When Allah says, “BE” then thing comes into existence. The existence of Allah’s word “BE” is life.

The mission of Muhammad (peace be upon him), as well as of other prophets who brought the universal message of Islam, does not end with the announcement of the message. He has to guide the people by explaining to them the implications of the Islamic creed, the morale code, the divine injunctions and commandment, and the form of worship that sustains the whole system. He has to exemplify the faith so others can pattern their participation in the evolution of Islamic culture and civilization. The believers must grow under his guidance into an organized community so that Allah’s word will prevail over all other words.

  1. Spiritual Life: prayer (salah), fasting, charity giving (zakah), pilgrimage (hajj), love for Allah and His Messenger, love for truth and humanity for the sake of Allah, hope and trust in Allah at all times and doing good for the sake of Allah.
  2. Intellectual Life: True knowledge based on clear proof and indisputable evidence acquired by experience or experiment or by both. The Qur’an points to the rich sources of knowledge in the whole universe. Islam demands faith in Allah on the basis of knowledge and research and leaves wide open all field of thought before the intellect to penetrate as far it can reach.
  3. Personal Life: purity and cleanliness, a healthy diet, proper clothing, proper behaviour, and good healthy sexual relations within marriage.
  4. Family Life: A family is a human social group whose members are bound together by the bond of blood ties and/or marital relationship and nothing else (adoption, mutual alliance, common law, trial marriage…etc.). Marriage is a religious duty on all who are capable of meeting its responsibilities. Each member of the family has rights and obligations.
  5. Social Life: Man is ordained by Allah to extend his utmost help and kindness to other family members, relations, servants and neighbours. No superiority on account of class, colour, origin or wealth. Humanity represents one family springing from the one and the same father and mother. The unity of the humanity is not only in its origin but also in its ultimate aims.
  6. Economical Life: Earning one’s living through decent labour is not only a duty but a great virtue as well. Earning is man’s private possession. The individual is responsible for the prosperity of the state and the state is responsible for the security of the individual. The Islamic economic system is not based on arithmetical calculations alne but also on moral and principles. Man comes to this world empty-handed and departs empty-handed. The real owner of things is Allah alone. Man is simply a trustee.
  7. Political Life: The sovereignty in the Islamic State belongs to Allah; the people exercise it by trust from Him to enforce His laws. The ruler is only an acting executive chosen by the people to serve them according to Allah’s law. The State is to administer justice and provide security for all citizens. Rulers and administrators must be chosen from the best-qualified citizens. If an administration betrays the trust of Allah and the people, it has to be replaced. Non-Muslim can administer their personal life of marriage, divorce, foods and inheritance according to the Islamic law or to their own religious teachings. They may pay Zakah or a different tax tributes “Jizyah”. They are entitled to full protection and security of the State including freedom of religion.
  8. International Life: Man has a common origin, human status and aim. Other people’s interests and right to life, honour and property are respected as long as the right of Muslim are in tact. Transgression is forbidden. War is only justified if the state security is endangered. During war, destruction of crops, animals and homes, killing non-fighting women, children and aged people are forbidden.

Question: What is my purpose here…in this Life?

Answer: Qur’an says that Allah created mankind and Jinn to worship Him. Allah must
be worshipped alone. He is the ONLY one who is worshipped. A Muslim believe that the purpose of life is to worship Allah. Worshipping Allah does not mean we spend our entire lives in constant seclusion and absolute meditation. To worship Allah is to live life according to His commands, not to run away from it. To worship Allah is to know Him, to love Him, to obey His commands, to enforce His laws in every aspect of life, to serve His cause by doing right and shunning evil and to be just to Him, to ourselves and to our fellow human beings.

Questions: Recently I had a conversation with a Jewish man and he stated that Jerusalem is nowhere mentioned in the Qu’ran…….so therefore he claims that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews as its holy site and to build the 3rd Temple, which means the removal of the existing mosque..Dome of the Rock. His answer scared me….it scared me enough to think that there might be a world war 3 over a piece of real estate. What are your thoughts about Jerusalem not being mentioned in the Qu’ran and about Jews wanting to build the 3rd Temple by removing the existing Mosque….Dome of the rock?

Answer: First of all I am surprised at the argument. Jews and Christians do not
believe in Qur’an. Therefore, it should not be important for them whether some thing is mentioned in the Qur’an or not. If Qur’an is that important for them and they think that they will respect whatever is in the Qur’an then why they need only mentioning of Jerusalem in
Qur’an? What about the other things in Qur’an? Will they accept the teachings of Qur’an? Islam is a package. No pick and choose.

Nevertheless, It is absolutely wrong to say that Masjid Al Aqsa (Dome of the
Rock) is not mentioned in the Qur’an. In Chapter “Bani Israel”, verse 1 of Qur’an starts with mentioning Masjid Al Aqsa (Dome of the Rock). Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has told that the third sacred mosque on earth is Masjid Al Aqsa (Dome of the Rock). Muslims are asked to visit and pray in the Masjid Al Aqsa (Dome of the Rock). Therefore, it is not true that AlAqsa mosque is not mentioned in Qur’an.

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Do not set out on a journey except for three Mosques, i.e. Al-Masjid-Al-Haram, the Mosque of Allah’s Apostle , and the Mosque of Al-Aqsa (Mosque of Jerusalem).” (Bukhari)

As far the war is concerned, we need to pray to Allah to give peace on earth. We need to end oppression of poor Palestinian’s land and the people.

Question: Nowadays, several Christians and Jewish priests have allowed homosexual behaviour in our society. Does Islam allow homosexual behaviour?

Answer: According to the teachings of Islam homosexuality is completely forbidden in Islam and it is one of the KABA-IR (major) sins in Islam.

Question: How many Rak’ah in Tahajjud prayer?

Answer: Thajjud prayer does not have fixed number of Raka’ah. One may offer may minimum two Raka’ah and maximum according to one’s convenience and circumstances.

Question: What are the pre-conditions for Prayer (Salat)?

Answer: There are six pre-conditions for Salat to be valid.

  1. The body of the person should be clean from any filth or dirtiness (Najasah) and haveWudhu.
  2. The dress of the person and the place where prayer is offered must be clean from any filth or dirtiness (Najasat).
  3. The man must be covered, at least, from his navel till his knees and the woman must have covered her entire body including hair except face, hands and feet.
  4. The person must be facing Qiblah.
  5. It must be the time of that particular Salat. For example, a person can not offer Isha prayer at Zohar time or Fajr prayer at Asr time etc..
  6. The intention; It is not necessary to say the intention in words but a person must have an intention of offering the prayer (Salat)

Question: In a situation when a person is not sure about the direction of Qiblah what should he do?

Answer: Facing Qiblah is one of the conditions for Salat. A person should try to find out the correct direction of Qiblah by following the directions (North, South, East and West) and wherever that person is, he should be able to identify the location of Makkah from his location. He may use the movement of the Sun or the Moon for directions. If there is no way that the direction of Qiblah can be identified correctly then the person has to think on his own and follow the direction which his thoughts and heart can direct him. His prayer will be valid. If later he finds out the correct direction of Qiblah, his offered prayer would remain valid and he does not have to repeat it.

Question : If a sick person or injured person is unable to face the Qiblah, can he offer his Salat?

Answer: Yes, Salat should be offered at its time. If a person is so sick or injured that he/she can not turn his/her face in the direction of Qiblah OR there is no help available to help the person to turn in the right direction then that person can offer Salat in any direction. His/her Salat will be valid.

Question: When I was a young, I did not pray regularly. I have missed my prayers many manytimes. Now, I pray regularly. Can I make up for my missed prayers? And how/

Answer: We must offer our prayers on time. Salat has been made obligatory upon the believers to be offered on time. But if a person has missed Salat then he should offer it as Qadha prayer.Qadha prayer is not equal to the prayer which is offered on time but rather than leaving them and not offering those prayers, it is good that the person realizes his /her mistake and offers his /her missed (Qadha) prayers.

The (Qadha) missed prayer can be offered at any time except the forbidden times for prayers (Sunrise time, Sunset time and Noon (Nisfunnahar) time). The Qadha is only for the Fardh Salatnot Nafl or Sunnah. If a person has missed Salat for a long period of time, which is normally called Qadha-e-Umri, then the person should estimate that how long he has been missing his prayers. For that duration he / she should pray the missing Salat. For example, if a person calculates that he has missed his five prayers over the period of twenty years. For the next twenty years he should pray his regular Fardh Prayer and then offer one Qadha prayer. This way over the next twenty years he will be able to offer his twenty years of missed Salat. One can offer more than one Qadha prayers at a time. This will complete the cycle faster. But Remember; Do not pray after Asr and Fajr fardh prayers. For these prayers either the person can offer Qadhaprayer before the regular Fardh prayer (time permitting) or offer Qadha prayers after Maghrib and sunrise. If the person is offering Qadha Fajr and Asr Salat before regular Fardh Salat then person should not think that these Qadha Salat could replace the Sunnah prayers before Salat. One should offer the Sunnah prayers and if time permitting offer Qadha prayer.



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