Stopping Suicide Missions


Stopping Suicide Missions


Syed Soharwardy

Muslims Against Terrorism (M-A-T)

Islamic Supreme Council of Canada

The killings in the Holy Land continue. The suicide bombers kill themselves and the others on daily basis. Daily, heavy Israeli artillery kills hundreds of innocent civilians, children, women and destroy property and environment. The politicians and media experts express their opinions and discuss the issue of Palestine to make it more complicated. Everyday People learn about the genocide in Palestine but it seems that now they do not care anymore. On one side 1.5 billion Muslims around the world listen every Friday in sermons that all Muslims are like a body and if any part of the body gets hurt the entire body suffers. On the other side almost one billion people living in North America, Europe, Australia and other industrialized countries claim that they do care for human life, and they are the champions of freedom and democracy. But people on both sides becoming more and more passive about the bloody conflict in Palestine. This is a very sad situation of human history. A small portion of humanity is getting destroyed in Palestine and the remaining portion of humanity does not even bother to stop it.

The war against terrorism has successfully shifted the focus of humanity. Now, no one knows what is happening in Chechnya, Kashmir, poor and hungry neighbourhoods in the third world countries. Is it true that the only criminals left in the world are the supporters of September 11 terrorist attacks? There is no bad element anywhere in the world other than some Muslims who are suspected as terrorists by the United States government?

Unfortunately, the selfish politicians and corrupt rulers of the world are deteriorating the situation. The rulers in Muslim countries are hopeless and helpless. They are just trying to survive and keep control over the resources of Muslim countries. They are neither sincere with the citizens of their countries, nor they are sincere with the USA. They are sincere with themselves only. On the other side, the political process in the west so strongly depends upon the contributions and lobbying that most often politicians have to take sides of strong lobbyists with deep pockets. Otherwise, they would never get re-elected. In other words, regardless whether the politicians are from a third world country or the industrialized country, they need money and strong backing. It seems that some of the people with deep pockets and strong influences do not want to see the resolution of Palestinian, Chechan, Kashmir and other social, economical and political problems. Otherwise, these all issues can be resolved.

The escalation in suicidal bombing in Israel must be noticed. In Canada, we have rules and system for suicide prevention. Whenever, a person commits a suicide (because of personal problems), the entire system comes into motion. The police and the various law enforcement agencies carry out their investigations. The law enforcement agencies try to find the reasons for committing suicide. The councilors play their roles and council the families and friends of the deceased person. They discuss the causes of suicide and warn people about the dangers of being suicidal. The entire system tries its best to prevent suicide in future. Have world’s modern and rich governments ever thought about the reasons of suicide bombing in Israel? Why these governments do not investigate the reasons behind mass suicides in Palestine / Israel? I am sure no one wants to kill him/herself? Why these Palestinian young boys and girls are taking an extreme path and committing suicide? Have the western governments explored the ways to prevent these suicides? Certainly, the Israeli ways have escalated these suicide missions and have failed completely in safeguarding its citizens.

Every sensible human being knows that these suicides are preventable. This loss of lives of Israelites and Palestinians can be stopped. The western governments should honestly find the reasons of these suicide missions and try to prevent them from happening again. In my opinion, the obvious reason of these suicides is;

Continues occupation of Palestinian lands, houses, properties and lives.

The fear that Palestinians may destroy the State of Israel have inspired Israeli governments to adopt brutal and hateful policies towards Palestinians. But for the past 50 years this policy has constantly created more and more fear and deaths among Israelites. Although, Israeli soldiers have been very successful in keeping Palestinians in refugee camps, killing thousands of them, destroying their properties and above all denying them their right of self determination but, Israelis too, can not claim that they live in peace. The constant fear, uncertainty and hundreds of deaths of Israeli army and civilians are asking Israelites to see where they are making mistakes? The occupation of Palestinian land has not brought peace to Israelites. Why they need this occupation?

The behaviour of Israeli government is quite strange. Recently, the Israeli government removed the restrictions on President Yasser Arafat and as soon as the restrictions were removed the Israeli army started the massacre in Palestine. This Israeli behaviour sends signal to Palestinians that their leader and public both are at the mercy of Israeli government. This treatment of Palestinians does not make them passive, it creates extremism and frustration. Israeli government thinks that by destroying and killing Palestinians, they punish those who create suicidal missions but this strategy has failed completely. This tactics of punishing Palestinians have brought more chaos for Israelites.

The research of modern psychiatrists, scientist and doctors proves that if a person constantly feels insecure, threatened, abused, humiliated, isolated and insulted then that person, at a certain moment in life, will commit suicide or harm other people around him / her.

In Palestine not only one person, Yasser Arafat, is humiliated but also the entire nation of Palestinians is daily abused, harassed, humiliated and threatened by Israeli soldiers. Parents bury their children on daily basis. Houses and properties are destroyed on daily basis. Millions of Palestinians are in refugee camps for the past 50 years. Young boys and girls have no jobs, no future, and no hope. What this world expects from these people?

This modern world does not believe in slavery anymore OR may be?

Israelis should learn from their own history. The world had been very cruel to them. In the past, many attempts were made by many rulers to wipe them out from this world but no one succeeded. More than 6 million Jews were killed in World War II but Jewish race still survived. In fact, after World War II the Jewish people became stronger and very prosperous.

Israelites are repeating the same cruel and brutal behaviour with Palestinians that they themselves faced during the World War II. In fact, the sufferings of Palestinians are getting worse day by day. Not only Israeli government wants to wipe them out but their own Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters are quietly watching their genocide. What will this do? The answer is clear. Palestinians will emerge as strong as the Jewish people emerged after World War II. The sufferings have already created a very strong Palestinian new generation.

It is in the interest of Israelites and Palestinians to respect each others right of existence. For this, Israelites must take the first step and let the Palestinians have their own country. This is an excellent opportunity to achieve peace by adopting the recent Saudi proposal. The past experience shows that the freedom in installments will not be useful. Israel should with draw from occupied territories all together and make peace with its neighbours. If this opportunity of making peace is lost, the next generation of Israelites will never forgive the current leadership of Israel.



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