The War of Psychopaths and Role of Islam



Everyday, the chaotic situation in the Middle East reminds all human beings to fulfill their responsibilities as good citizens of this world. It reminds all of us that we should do whatever we can to stop the destruction of this beautiful planet. A few thousand psychopaths are controlling the lives of billions of normal human beings and ruining the most precious wealth called PEACE. The destruction in Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia is not confined to these places. It directly effects every human being that watches TV, listens to the radio, or reads newspapers.

Who are these psychopaths? A person with an antisocial personality disorder, especially one manifested in perverted, criminal, or amoral behaviour is called psychopath. There could be various types of psychopaths, but in the context of this article, we will discuss three types of psychopaths.

  1. The rich and famous psychopaths
  2. The anti-rich and famous psychopaths
  3. The corroborators

After the end of cold war, the ordinary people in the rich and poor countries were expecting that the governments would cut down the military spendings and invest in welfare programs for the ordinary citizens. People were excited that the war was over. But the psychopaths did not want social order in the society. Therefore, the rich and famous psychopaths started a search for a new target to start a “new war”. This way, they could continue the development and the selling of the killing machines. In the search of a new target, the rich and famous psychopaths used the same technique what they had used earlier. In the past, the target they chose for the cold war was one of their allies of World War II.

Finally, the rich and famous psychopaths succeeded in finding their new target. The new target was their ally, during the cold war, against Russia, i.e. the psychopaths from the Muslim countries. These psychopaths were tested and trusted during the cold war. They had proven 100% loyalty to the rich and famous psychopaths during the cold war. These, apparently, anti-rich and famous psychopaths from Muslim countries had some very desirable characteristics. They were from a different religion compared to the westerners, and the majority of them were not white. They were not from one country; they were all over the world. They looked different and dressed differently. They were the religious extremists.

The rich and famous psychopaths used the threat of these anti-rich and famous psychopaths and created social disorder in the world. The anti-rich and famous psychopaths helped the rich and famous psychopaths in spreading the “new war” all over the world faster and quicker.

This new war started on September 11, 2001 and became famous all over the world as ” war against terrorism “. The war quickly spread in other parts of the world, destroying the social, economical and political systems in Afghanistan and Iraq, and causing serious damage to the social and economic systems around the world, including the USA. The psychopaths from the Muslim countries used Islam to justify their criminal conduct. In fact, on 9/11, Islam was hijacked in those planes, which hit the twin towers.

The rich and famous psychopaths created so much fear among the people that the people became suspicious of their own neighbours and colleagues. The lives of common people in both rich and poor countries were changed. The ordinary people are still suffering from this war of psychopaths regardless they belong to a rich country or a poor country.

The corroborator in this new war was the media in Muslim and non-Muslim countries. The media helped the psychopaths, on both sides, to kill more and more people. Daily, these corroborators created sensation, fear, and anger among people. They are still doing the same. These corroborators helped the psychopaths on both sides to broaden their influence on the society. The worst thing these corroborators did was the help to psychopaths on both sides. They made psychopaths very popular, developed support for them, and created misunderstandings between Muslims and non-Muslims. If these corroborators would do a little positive work to attract people’s attention, they would do more negative work to change their opinion.

These corroborators are equally responsible for the chaos in the world. Had they been useful, they would have brought people of various faiths and colours together. These corroborators knowingly tried to destroy the Image of Islam and misrepresent the teachings of Islam. During the past two years these corroborators have developed a new kind of disease called Islamophobia. The victim of this disease becomes so miserable that he/she looses honesty within few days, pretends to be an authority on Islam without knowing Islam, develops hate for anyone who looks little different and lies openly on the national media.

These corroborators believe in the freedom of speech but only for themselves. They are journalists but their journalism is uni-colour, i.e. yellow. Recently, the corroborators have recruited some victims of Islamophobia as experts on Islam. Some of these self-righteous experts on Islam have Muslim names as well. These experts have been suggesting to reform / modify Islam. They think Islam is too old to meet the challenges of modern times. These self-claimed experts suggest that Islam should be reformed as, a few centuries ago, Christianity and Judaism were reformed. However, this very suggestion proves that these so-called experts seriously lack the understanding of Islam.

Reforming Islam VS Reviving Islam

The governments in Muslim countries have confused many people by using Islamic Shari’a (laws) as a scapegoat. Most of the Muslim countries are ruled by dictators. These dictators abuse Islam more than anyone else. In Muslim countries, the corruption is not because of Islam. The corruption is because of the dictators, ruling families and the religious extremists, created and supported by the dictators. In some cases the American government supports the religious extremists in Muslim countries. The abuse of human rights and the corruption in Muslim countries forces people to think that Islam may have a role in this chaos. They think that the Islam is a religion of past and needs to be reformed. Let’s discuss this further.

Slavery was abolished in United States few decades ago. The slavery in the USA and other parts of the world was continued and justified by Christians under the laws of Christianity. Therefore, Christianity needed to be reformed; otherwise, it could not have survived.

Let’s have a look at Islam and Muslims. When second Caliph of Islam, Sayyidna Omar Ibn Al Khattab (May Allah’s peace be upon him), the head of the newly emerged superpower of that time, entered in Jerusalem as the commander In-Chief of a victorious army, people saw that he was walking with the camel and his so-called slave was riding on the camel.

What happened that during this long journey from Madinah to Jerusalem, the camel could not continue carrying two persons, therefore, one had to get off. The person who got off and walked with the camel was the President of the Islamic State – the superpower of that time, while his companion (slave) remained on the camel. Where would people find such kindness and care? Do people want to reform such kindness?

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) declared a great reward for those Muslims who would free their female slaves, give them good education, and marry them, if they could afford it. Please have a look at the slave of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), his name was Osama Ibn Zaid. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) loved him and respected him so much that the people started calling Osama, son of Muhammad (Peace be upon him). When Osama’s parents came and wanted to take him with them, he refused to go with his own parents and stayed in the company of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Do people want to reform love and respect?

This conduct of freedom and mutual respect was demoanstrated1400 years ago for the good of the world. Islam abolished slavery 1400 years ago. Muslims practiced this code of conduct for many centuries. What do people want to reform here? Instead, they should be reviving these values and teachings.

Few years ago, in America, the claims of superiority and segregation were based upon colour, gender, and ethnicity. These claims were legal until few decades ago. But Islam abolished these claims of superiority 1400 years ago. During his last sermon, Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said, ” All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a White has no superiority over a Black nor a Black has any superiority over a White except by piety and good action. What needed to be reformed, Islam or Christianity?

Few decades ago, woman was not even considered as person in North America. A few decades ago, women had no role in politics and had no voting rights in America. However, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) gave the charter of human rights 1400 years ago. He (Peace be upon him) said, ” O People it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under Allah’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well, and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers”.

The freedom and leadership that women did enjoy under Islam is un-parallel. When a political crises emerged after the death of third Caliph, Hazrat Uthman Ibn Affan (May Allah be pleased with him), a woman, Hazrat Aisha Siddiqah (Prophet Mohammed’s wife) lead one party of Muslims. This party, like the other party, included thousands of companions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Hazrat Fatimah Al Zahra (The daughter of Prophet Mohammed), Hazrat Nafisa Bint-e-Hassan, Zubaida Khatoon and hundreds of other women from the early history of Islam reflect the modern and progressive nature of Islam. Under no other religion women enjoyed so much respect, honour and protection as they did under Islam.

So, the other religions had to be reformed otherwise they could not have survived. Why Islam needs to be reformed? It does not make sense. If some of the religious extremists purposely twist the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an in order to justify their rigid, corrupt and abnormal way of life, then we must be knowledgeable enough to know that the rigid, corrupt and abnormal way of life can be any thing but Islam. These extremists should be reformed not the religion of Islam.

One can reform any system that has defects or shortcomings, but Islam is perfect and complete guidance for human race. You do not reform nature. You protect or revive nature. Islam is natural; it must be protected in its original form and must be revived in its original form.

When the teachings of earlier Prophets were corrupted, Allah reformed and perfected them on Muhammad (peace be upon him), and called these reformed teachings, Islam. In order to keep Islamic teachings protected from any corruption, the Holy Qur’an is available in it’s original form. The teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) are also available in original form. But the question is, how Islam can remain modern based upon the guidance (laws) that came 1400 years ago? Let’s find out.

The beauty of Islam is that it has a built in process that keeps Islam most current and most modern. This built in process to keep Islam current was established by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) himself. In addition to the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah / Hadith (practices / sayings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)), there are several other sources of laws for Islamic Shari’a called Qiyas, Ijma’ and Al-urf. Qiyas (reasoning by analogy) and Ijma’ (community consensus) are the important sources of Islamic Shari’a (laws).

Qiyas (Mujtah-e-doon) and Ijma’ are the built in processes of Islamic Shari’a. The Islamic Jurists, called Mujtahid are required to use these processes and resolve any new issues / problems of modern times. They are required to define / interpret laws of Islamic Shari’a for the people. The process of Ijtihad keeps Muslims very dynamic and progressive. The absence of Ijtihad has made Muslims laid-back people.

Therefore, reforming Islam is a useless and abnormal argument, however, reviving Islam is useful and natural task that the Muslims must do.

During the first century of Islam when the rulers tried to corrupt the teachings of Islam by removing justice from the society, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), Hazrat Imam Hussain (May peace of Allah be upon him) and his family fought back and revived Islam. They did not talk about reforming Islam. They revived Islam and brought back justice, peace and honesty in the society.

During the 6th century of Islamic calendar, Muslims were facing corruption again. Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (May Allah shower His mercy upon him) revived Islam, NOT reformed Islam. This revival of Islam movement of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani brought stability and prosperity to the Muslims of Iraq in particular, and Muslims around the world in general.

During the 10th century of Islamic calendar, Muslims were facing the same situation in South Asia, Hazrat Mujaddad Alf Sani stood up against the reforming Islam movement, initiated by the King of that time. Hazrat Mujaddad Alf Sani was jailed and punished but ultimately the reform movement of King failed and the revival of the Islam movement of Hazrat Mujaddad Alf Sani (May Allah shower His mercy upon him) succeeded. This revival of Islam in south Asia brought freedom to millions of people.

Reforming Islam movements have always been initiated by the Kings and corrupt people. These movements surface but die quickly. Abnormal and unnatural ideas and movements can not succeed for a long time. However, the revival of Islam movements were initiated by the ordinary honest citizens. They had to face persecution but ultimate success came to them.

In fact, revival of Islam requires sacrifices and current Muslims are not interested in sacrifices. As soon as the ordinary Muslims will start the revival of Islam, the positive change in the society will be rapid and it will be very long lasting.


The war of psychopaths has brought miseries to the world. The corroborators have helped the psychopaths in spreading these miseries. But this war of psychopaths (terror) can be stopped, provided that the ordinary citizens start working for the revival of Islam. Revival of Islam will remove extremism, terrorism, oppression, injustice, and abnormal customs. The revival of Islam will defeat the psychopaths. The revival of Islam will bring peace, harmony, prosperity and respect for everyone. The revival of Islam will create better understanding, tolerance, and acceptance among Muslims and non-Muslims.

If the original teachings of Islam are revived today, the non-Muslims would not have to fear any threats created by fanatics in the name of Islam, and the Muslims would not have to face the oppression and the occupation of rich and famous in the name of freedom.

There is a proven record that the revival of Islam brings peace and justice to the world. Lets work for it. May Allah guide us towards the right path. Ameen



P.S. The documentary movie Fahrenheit 9/11 has successfully proved that the war against terror is in fact a war of psychopaths. I salute Michael Moore for his courage. May he be safe and healthy.



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