United Nations Should Investigate the Bomb Blasts in Iraq


Date:    February 23, 2006

Press Release

United Nations Should Investigate the Bomb Blasts in Iraq

It is an Evil Conspiracy to Start a Civil War in Iraq

ISCC Condemns the Bomb Blasts at the Two Holy Islamic Shrines


(Calgary) Islamic Supreme Council of Canada strongly condemns the terrorism carried out by the enemies of Islam at the two holy shrines of Islam in Iraq; the Mazar of Hazrat Imam Askari and Mazar of Imam Hadi (May Allah be pleased with them).  ISCC national president, Syed Soharwardy has sent a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Anan and asked him to order an investigation under the supervision of United Nations.  We cannot trust the kangaroo government of Iraq and the American military; therefore, a thorough investigation by the neutral authority like UNO will help in identifying the real culprits behind this tragedy. This is a plot to destroy an Islamic country and kill Iraqi Muslims.  Conspirators and the terrorists want to start a civil war in Iraq but they will not succeed (God Willing).


It is sad that the media in the west has been reporting these two holy sites as Shi’a sites.  These shrines belong to the family of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him); therefore, all Muslims; Sunni and Shi’a respect these sites and visit these holy shrines. These are Islamic sites.


ISCC urges all Iraqi Muslims; Shi’a and Sunni to be united against the conspiracy of dividing Iraqi Muslims and must not fall into the trap of those who want to destroy Iraq.


This month, ISCC has organized six conferences on Imam Hussain (May Allah be pleased with him) in Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Calgary and Vancouver to remember the martyrs of Karbala.


Every Muslim loves Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his family (Ahlul Bait).  This love gives us the strength of faith and resolve to establish peace on earth.


Please call Syed Soharwardy @ toll free (866)-208-6898 for any questions.



This is terrorism and a Muslim cannot do this.

This is terrorism and a Muslim cannot do this.


The beautiful golden dome of Mazar of Hazrat Imam Hasan Al Askari (AS). The terrorists destroyed it on February 22, 2006



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