Donald Trump Should Be Declared Un-Desirable Person to Enter into Canada


Date: December 8, 2015

For Immediate Release

Donald Trump Should Be Declared Un-Desirable Person to Enter into Canada. He Should Be Tried For Hate Crime

(Calgary) Muslim Against Terrorism – world’s first anti-terrorism NGO demands that the Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump should be declared undesirable person to enter into Canada. He should also be tried for spreading hate against Muslims. His recent statement to ban Muslim immigrants and visitors entering into United States is not only racist but also extremely hateful.

Donald Trump has shown his complete ignorance about American values and the Faiths of majority of Americans. At a time when Christians are about to celebrate Christmas, Jews are celebrating Hanukkah and Muslims are about to celebrate Eid Milad un Nabi (the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) such spewing of hate should not be tolerated. We the people of Faiths (Christians, Jews and Muslims) are united to fight against terrorism of DAESH (ISIS), Al Qaedah, Taliban, etc. Mr. Trump should know that the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada issued a very specific Fatwa on January 2010 declaring any attack on the United States of America OR Canada will be an attack on more than 11 million American and Canadian Muslims. Here is the link for Fatwa. (…) (…/)

On March 11, 2015 ISCC issued another historic Fatwa on ISIS and support for ISIS. Here is the link for this Fatwa. (…/). Muslims are doing what they can to fight this terrorism. Muslims are the worse victims of ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaedah, Boko-Haram, etc. Mr. Trump is victimizing the victims. The founder of Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT) Imam Syed Soharwardy walked 6500KM from Halifax to Victoria and led MultiFaith Walk Against Violence and Terrorism in 2008. What Mr. Trump has done to stop terrorism except creating more opportunities for terrorists? It is so disappointing a leading Republican presidential candidate is using racism and hate to gain few votes. He must know Americans are smart people. They cannot be fooled.

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